Belfast Bible College Counseling Courses Study Online

Belfast Bible College Counseling Courses Study Online

Belfast Bible College Counseling Courses Study Online: Belfast Bible College, BBC is committed to spiritual, academic, and practical education. They strongly believe that faith is much important to studying theology. A true understanding of the experience of God and his words have a great impact on our life and behavior.

Here we will discuss Belfast Bible College Counseling courses studied online. The college was established way back in the year1943 by Robert and Rosalind McKnight as Bible School and Missionary Home.

The Campus Grown over the Years

Belfast Bible College Counseling Courses Study Online

Since its inception, the BBC campus has grown excellently with more and more students joining and learning about the purpose of life and their role. BBC offers different undergraduate and postgraduate programs for 3 months to up to 3 years.

Undergraduate programmes are mainly focused on the Bible, Mission & Ministry, whereas postgraduate programmes address specific issues in Biblical, Missional, Systematic or Practical Theology.

The courses offered at the college greatly emphasize the development of spirituality and practical service in each student along with academic development. Academic programs are integrated with the deepening of a person’s relationship with the Lord through prayer, worship, reflection, and fellowship.

Moreover, students get the opportunity to go through diverse experiences and services on their college campus. They go through practical training on a weekly basis and go to different locations and serve intensive causes. In all, they are trained to live authentic Christian living.

Belfast Bible College Evening Classes

Evening Classes are conducted to make them accessible to all. A range of courses is offered.

Belfast Bible College runs 6-week introductory evening course to Biblical Counseling. This course helps face struggles of life and how you can help others by applying Scripture wisely. Each evening focus is given to specific problem followed by understanding nature of the problem and then how Bible addresses it is discussed.

In the second half of the evening session, a practical example that addresses the same problem is discussed and how it is addressed and helped in a practical way.

The topic covers several emotional and life-threatening issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, suicide etc. The course is very useful and beneficial to those who are interested in helping and caring for suffering from emotional and social issues and providing them Bible-based care.

Belfast Bible College Women’s Study Fellowship

With a view to equipping Christian women to serve GOD in the family, workplace as well as in a Church, BBC offers Women’s Study Fellowship course to women of Northern Ireland. It is a three years course comprises of three stages, each stage consists of one year.

On successful completion of each year, a stage completion certificate is provided. On completion of three stages, women taking the course gains a broad understanding of Scripture and Christian life.

The course comprises one morning each week, usually Monday morning. The coursework includes worship and prayer in the morning followed by three 45 minute sessions of biblically-based teaching. The teaching is imparted by experienced tutors.

It covers six different subjects in a year. The course encourages students to apply what they have learned to the service of God in every aspect of life.

The course fee is £370 per year. An option for a standing order can be set up too. The course starts in September. For admission to the course, there is no formal requirement. Read more articles on lookup.

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