Botanic Gardens Belfast Parking

Botanic Gardens Belfast Parking

Botanic Gardens Belfast Parking: Located on Stranmillis Road in Queen’s Quarter, Botanic Gardens is a popular public garden in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It covers 28 acres of land in South Belfast. Here we will check how to buy Belfast Botanic Gardens tickets online and what is the opening hours and parking fee for it.

The Gardens signify prosperity during the Victorian era and attracts over 10,000 visitors a day. A long border of herbs in the garden is one of the longest herbaceous borders in the UK and Ireland.

Botanic Gardens Belfast ParkingPalm House Conservatory, is a curvilinear cast iron glasshouse that shows how horticulturists in the Victorian era employed technology to grow exotic plant species. The Palm House has different varieties of tropical plants, seasonal varieties, hanging baskets, and much more. It is made of two wings: the cool wing and the tropical wing. The house features 11 meters tall Globe Spear Lily and a 400-year-old old Xanthorrhoea.

There are various questions like Belfast Botanic Gardens opening hours, admission fee, parking charge, events schedule, and phone number. Another interesting attraction at the Gardens is another uniquely designed glass house, Tropical Ravine House.

It houses bromeliad, banana, cinnamon, and orchid plants. The house includes a sunken ravine that runs the length of the building having a balcony on both sides which offers a beautiful view.

Every February beautiful Dombeya, flower blooms appeal to visitors. Like the Palm House, this also shows how unusual species were cultivated in a greenhouse environment.

The Garden includes a beautiful rose garden that impresses every visitor. There are various species of trees grown in the garden which include horn-beam Oak. At the Stranmillis Road entrance, a statue of Lord Kevin welcomes all.

You can reach the garden by train, bus, coach, taxi, car, etc. Northern Ireland Railways operates frequent trains to Botanical Garden.

Botanic Gardens being awarded the Green Flag Award for the best open spaces in the UK since 2010.

Belfast Botanic Gardens Tickets

The Botanic Garden remains open every day throughout the year Christmas and New Year time; its seasonal opening times are:

During summer, from March to October, 10:00 am to 17:00 pm

During winter, from November to February, 10:00 am to 16:00 pm

The Botanic Garden Kiosk entrance can be accessed by campus card holders, season ticket holders, Friends of Gardens, etc. You have to play through a swipe machine for the ticket to the kiosk; visitors are provided with an intercom if they want to walk around.

You can pay for the Visitor Centre through cash or card.

Ticket Prices for season tickets:

 Adult £15.00
Family (2 Adults & Children) £40.00
Student £6.00
Child £6.00
Concessions for senior citizens, disabled, wheelchair users £10.00
Group Rate £3.50
Pupils on school visits £1.50

How to Get There

You can take Metro no. 8 and get off at Queen’s University or Metro no. 7 and get off at College Park. Botanic Garden has an entrance near both places.

Belfast Botanic Gardens Events

Belfast Botanic Gardens is always boasting of activities and events which include workshops, lectures, exhibitions, arts and crafts, dance, drama, theatre, etc. Music festivals and concerts also take place at the park. Read more articles on lookup.

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