17 Dagen Dieet Programs, Recepten, Pdf, Experiences

The 17 Day Diet is created by Dr. Mike Moreno, a family practice physician in California. The 17-Day Diet is an American doctor Mike Moreno’s own developed method that in 17 days five to seven and a half pounds to lose. If diets that promote the same approach day in and day out bore you, The 17 Day Diet may be for you.

 17 Dagen Dieet Programs, Recepten, Pdf, Experiences

Mike Moreno is a doctor in San Francisco. He has already started the “walk with you doc” (walking with your doctor) program, where he spent two days a week, walking with his patients. Dr. Mike, as he is often called, is best known for performances in America in programs such as Dr. Phil and The Doctors.

Michael Moreno says, “Everyone wants fast results and the calorie confusion of this plan burns fat, achieves weight loss results, and helps dieters avoid boredom.” The 17-Day Diet is actually three cycles, each lasting 17 days, plus a fourth long-term maintenance cycle.

Cycle 1: Accelerate
In this initial phase, you dramatically reduce your intake of carbohydrates to promote fat burning, cleansing, and rapid weight loss. It promises weight loss of 10-15 pounds, most of which is water weight.

Cycle 2: Activate
This 17 Day Diet phase involves carbohydrate cycling, which has the purpose of resetting your metabolism to stimulate fat burning and prevent plateaus. This cycle keeps the metabolism guessing, helps prevent boredom, and continues to stimulate fat-burning to yield about a 5-6 pound weight loss.

Cycle 3: Achieve
You reintroduce some previously restricted foods and will learn how to develop healthy eating habits. This period allows healthier foods with a slower rate of weight loss of about 2-3 pounds.

Cycle 4: Arrive
The final phase allows you to maintain your goal weight by eating a healthy diet during the week and indulging in your favorite foods on the weekends. In cycle 4, follow meal plans from one of the earlier cycles during the week with controlled splurges on weekends to maintain your new weight.

The 17-Day Diet promotes a diet of clean eating, devoid of sugar, processed foods, fried foods, and other unhealthy foods.

Sample 17 Day Diet Meal Plan:
-Scrambled eggs
-1 cup green tea

-2 boiled eggs
-Large salad with lettuce, carrots, broccoli, onion, tomato

Afternoon Snack
-Yogurt with fresh berries

-Turkey breast
-Steamed carrots and asparagus

The 17-day diet promises a quick start. The low energy intake in the first cycle will probably also be true. With a sample menu below 1000 kcal is the chance that you lose weight quickly.

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