Travel Money Aberdeen: Currency Exchange Aberdeen Airport

Travel Money Aberdeen: Currency Exchange Aberdeen Airport

Travel Money Aberdeen: Aberdeen Airport makes it convenient to exchange currency. It offers over 50 currencies. There are several options to exchange currency. Whether you want cash or travel money card; Aberdeen has made it hassle free.

Travel Money Aberdeen

You can order currency online and later pick it up from the Aberdeen airport when you are to travel or from its branch. By choosing this option, you will be spared from paying inflated airport rate. You also have the option of ordering currency online and get it delivered home.

If you have a prior plan to travel, you can save considerably with this option. You can check the exchange rate online and when you find it considerably reasonable rate, you can order and collect it. Let’s check Aberdeen airport money currency exchange rates, opening times and phone number.

Travelex currency exchange rates/reviews

Travelex is a popular and trusted currency exchange providers and its offices are located at the Aberdeen airport near the main terminal. You can order currency online at its website You can order in advance when the best rate is offered; the rate is locked when you order it.

Then you can pick it up at the airport, get it delivered at home or pick up from a local store. If you want Euros, US dollars or Travelex Money card, you get it simply after 4 hours at the airport after ordering it online. To get any other currency, you just order it before 3 pm and can collect it at the airport next day.

Travelex Aberdeen Opening Times

Sunday – Friday – 04:30-22:30

Saturday – 04:30-20:00

Travelex Aberdeen Phone Number

0845 872 7627

Travelex Cash Passport

When you travel abroad and if you use your credit or debit card, you end up paying high fees. With Travelex Cash Passport, you can avoid it. You can load money to it online and it is of great help when you are abroad and if you don’t have a bank account to link with.

Travelex offers two types of cash passports. A Multi-currency passport gives you an option of loading your card with up to 10 currencies at lock-in rate; whereas a Globe Cash Passport offers you an option of loading your card with GBP; your currency will be exchanged at point of transaction. Read more articles on lookup.

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