Pet Insurance VPI: VPI Pet Insurance Claim Form

Pet Insurance VPI: VPI Pet Insurance Claim Form

Pet Insurance VPIPet Insurance VPI:  Veterinary Pet Insurance, VPI is one of the established pet insurance providers. It is the first insurance provider in the United States that provides insurance for pets other than dogs and cats such as birds, rabbits, etc. There are hardly any companies that offer insurance for pets other than dogs and cats. Here we will discuss on VPI pet insurance claim form.

Veterinary pet insurance offers various plans provided your pet is under the age of 10 years. The plans are offered at a very competitive rate and provide good coverage. They provide you with an excellent comprehensive plan if you are ready for a higher annual deductible.

Important Features of Veterinary Pet Insurance

Bird and exotic pet insurance: It is the first insurance company that offers insurance for pets other than cats and dogs. Let’s check the VPI pet insurance login guide and online claim form.

Various choices: VPI has many pals to offer to meet the requirements of healthcare needs of your pets. There are four different plans for dogs and four for cats that range from economic to the most comprehensive coverage.

Optional wellness coverage: The basic plans don’t cover wellness care, but if you are wanted to cover wellness care, then you can add it optionally by paying for it. There are three different wellness plans available to select from, none of which is deductible.

Online quote: VIP provides an online quote facility. It is easy to use quote tool on its official website. The tool provides quote online only for dogs and cats. For other pets, to get the quote, you have to call and speak to a representative.

Type of Coverage

Insurance plans offered by VPI are complete plans. Some of the benefits offered and offer many benefits offered through VPI for dogs, cats, exotic pets, and birds are discussed below.

International coverage: VPI provides international coverage to your pets and as such your pet is ensured even when you travel outside the US with your pet.

No age limit: There is no age limit for your pet to get insurance cover, though premiums will be higher as the pets get older.

Claim forgiveness: There is no limit to the number of claims. Your claim will be considered no matter how many times you file.

No added charge for specialized care: If specialized care is needed, it will be covered in your plan and you will not pay any additional charge for it.

Covered nationwide: The insurance coverage is available in all 50 states.

Most pets are covered: This insurance is available for most popular pet birds, reptiles (including snakes), the potbellied pig, amphibians, guinea pigs, goats, chinchillas, rabbits, sugar gliders, and many more.

No mandatory co-pay: VPI doesn’t require you to pay a percentage of your pet’s covered medical treatment. You only need to pay your monthly premium and your deductible. Once you have made the payments, the pet is covered for any costs for restoring to full health. Though many companies give you a choice of co-pay, very few allow you to choose zero co-pay.

VPI Pet Insurance Plan Details for Dogs and Cats

Injury Plan Emergency: This plan is for dogs and cats and is the cheapest of all the plans. It provides basic coverage for accidents such as collision injuries, poisoning, etc.

Even if your pet is meeting an accident often, you can always claim. Under this plan, the maximum benefit you can get per annum is up to $14,000 and the minimum deductible you will be paying annually is $250. You can buy this plan even at $10 per month.

Medical Plan economical: This plan provides coverage for injuries as well as most illnesses that even include x-rays and surgery. This plan is available at quite a low price.

Major Medical Plan Comprehensive: This plan covers all the benefits offered by the economic plan discussed above as well as coverage for hereditary and chronic conditions that occurred after signup. If your pet is risk-prone to developing hereditary conditions you can opt for this plan.

The expenses you can claim per year under this plan are double in comparison to the economic plan. I was quoted $58.38 a month for the Golden Retriever with the $100 deductible in Houston, which is more than double the cost of the economic plan.

To get double coverage and coverage for hereditary and chronic conditions, you can go for an extra $150 deductible. Claims made for hereditary and chronic conditions are 40% of all pet insurance as per the estimate. This is the most valuable option when combined with a $250 deductible.

If you are worried about the health care of your pet as well as the cost of the medication, you must think of a suitable insurance plan. You can consider Veterinary pet insurance and get free from worry about paying for expensive vet bills. Read more articles on lookup.

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