Travel Insurance Premium Calculator, Online Quote and Maximum Duration

Everything about travel insurance premium calculator, online quote, and maximum duration

Travel Insurance Premium CalculatorUsually, people think that they need travel insurance only when they are traveling abroad. But this is wrong, traveling within the country is as important as the one needed it when traveling abroad. The importance of travel plan increases when a person goes abroad as medical expenses are very high there. Here we will discuss on travel insurance premium calculator, online quote and maximum duration. Many people plan their vacations before-hand which is good but they should also think and get good travel insurance too. For the happy journey, this is really essential.

Travel insurance is helpful in many emergency situations like loss of passport, cancel the trip due to other personal responsibilities, riots, emergency cancellation of the trip and many more. Travel insurance can be bought with only 1 percent of the total amount spent on the travel. Due to technology development, insurance companies now offer insurance plans online too. Insurance this way can be done easily within minutes. On the internet one can compare various plan of different companies and one can opt the insurance which is suitable for them.

While taking insurance people usually think which insurance is better for them and which insurance will give maximum benefits at low costing. But one other important question is how can you easily get the claim of the policy? Let’s try to find answers to these questions.

Travel Insurance with Tickets

First, think to notice is that whether the place you are getting your railway or air tickets is offering you insurance. There is a possibility that they may be offering only accidental insurance. Whatsoever, it is always good to know this in detail.

Destination and duration

Insurance cover is decided to depend on the distance of the destination. Big covers are required in countries where the medical expenses are too high. For instance, a person needs a bigger cover while traveling to the US as the medical expenses there are very high. In the US the expense for heart operation is ten times as compared to India. After this, come 26 European countries which are known as Schengen countries.

For traveling in Asian countries big coverage is not required as medical treatment is cheaper here comparatively. Any person of age 30, traveling to the US for one week should at least take $ 50,000 insurance cover. If one sees the possibility of big medical treatment then insurance cover of up to five lakh dollars can be taken. The duration of the journey also matter. Here the expenditure on insurance increases as the emergency possibilities also increases. If you are going for some adventurous trip or going against doctor’s advice you should tell this to the insurance company. This will increase the premium but get the claim will become easier.


Usually getting travel insurance for citizens above 70 years gets a bit difficult especially when the person is already suffering from some disease. Various plans are available to cover this aliments. One has to be cautious while choosing a plan from various plans. For the senior citizen, it is always advisable to take insurance directly from the insurance company or from its agent. Medical checkup of the senior citizens can also be done there. The premium will depend on the condition of the individual.

Expense on travel insurance

Any individual of age up to 40 years is going to the US for a week then he needs insurance cover of $ 50,000. The premium for this can be only Rs. 770. For traveling in any Asian country premium of Rs. 550 will be enough. If you are going for an adventurous trip then expense will increase and premium will increase two times. In case of senior citizens also the expense will be more. If a senior citizen of 65 years age goes to Us for a week then for $50,000 cover he has to pay Rs. 1300 as premium. These are average expenses. These vary with the company one chooses.

Be cautious

At the time of buying the policy, you should read the declaration part of the proposal form carefully. You should also read properly about when can you claim the amount and in what situations. If you are traveling without your doctor permission, not in the list of any treatment, not traveling for any treatment and have not obtained any terminal prognosis for any medical treatment then you cannot claim. Claims cannot be done in situations like suicide, injured due to self, depression, HIV/AIDS and others. Always check the history of claim clearing of the company before buying the insurance. There are always chances of theft during traveling. Many companies also give insurance for a fire in your homes and theft in your travel duration.

Procedure for the claim for Travel Insurance

Before packing your luggage it is important to take contact details of a liable company personal. With this, it will be easy to claim in times of emergency. For clearing the claims many Indian insurance companies have tie-ups with companies in other countries. So in times of emergency one can also contact these local companies too. They will help you. In the beginning of the claim, you can choose cashless or reimbursement option. For instance, person A has opted $ 50,000 overseas travel insurance policy for Reliance general. Unfortunately, he gets a heart attack in New York and has to be hospitalized. In this case, the person accompanying him can contact third-party administrator or emergency service, provider.

The service provider will start the procedure. Person A will get two options- cashless which means the payment to the hospital or reimbursement which means a payment to person A. For cashless claim one will need the same document as will be needed in India. In case there are not enough papers available or if person A already has the problem in past then cashless payment will not be possible. In such case company after investigation will be ready for reimbursement. In case of such medical emergency, companies start the procedure as soon as the person is hospitalized. When a person has not hidden anything from the insurance company then claiming procedure becomes easy and fast.

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