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Vodafone Red Entertainment Plan

Vodafone Red Entertainment Plan – Vodafone UK offers Spotify Premium entertainment pack free when you buy a Red Entertainment plan. Here we will discuss on Vodafone red entertainment plan details. Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming app. The app can be downloaded for free Google App store, App Store or Windows App Store. If you have problem like, Vodafone entertainment pack not working then check full help guide on Red Entertainment Plan Attivazione Voucher.

Vodafone Spotify Activation UKBenefits of Spotify Premium

  • You can download music of your choice to the app and play it offline whenever you want to listen; you can save up to 3,333 songs for listening offline.
  • You can enjoy uninterrupted ad free music. You have over 30 million tracks from number of artists in full HD quality.
  • You can create and browse custom playlists and listen to pod casts. You can launch Running feature which changes music to match your pace and tempo.
  • As you can download music and play it offline, you carry music of your liking with you. You can take it on the go.

Activate Vodafone Spotify – Vodafone.co.uk Top Up Online

Vodafone Red Entertainment Plan is available online. To make it Spotify your entertainment choice, you need to activate it; in Turkey we can say Red Entertainment Plan Attivazione Voucher. You will get a link with a text to make it entertainment choice. In order to activate Vodafone Spotify, you have to validate your number over mobile data network work, but not on Wi-Fi network. If you haven’t received the link with the text or if it is deleted, you can request it by sending a text message Entertainment to 97613. You can activate it online too. Use can do Vodafone.co.uk top up online.

How to Activate Vodafone Spotify Premium Online

  • Go to www.vodafone.co.uk
  • Go to menu option ‘Support’.
  • Go to drop down menu option ‘Explore’.
  • Go to ‘Spotify Premium’.
  • Scroll down to the page. Go to ‘Activate entertainment’ button displayed in purple color.
  • Enter your phone number and go to ‘Continue’ button.
  • You will receive one time PIN on your phone. Enter the PIN in the space provided and submit it.

Your Vodafone Spotify Premium will be activated immediately.

Customer Support

If you want any help, you can chat online at www.vodafone.co.uk or make a call. You can also refer to the link ‘All Help Topis’ displayed at bottom of the home page.

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