Sports Massage in Belfast: Physio for Sports Injury

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Sports Massage in Belfast: Physio for Sports Injury

Sports Massage in Belfast: Sports Massage effectively relieves pain, reduces muscle tension in the body, improves muscle movement, enhances performance, and helps heal soft tissues. Book an appointment for Physio for sports injury and sports massage in Belfast.

Sports massage is also known as deep tissue massage or remedial message. The message treats muscles and soft tissues in a methodical way; it is equally beneficial to sports people as well as non-sports people.

Sports Massage in BelfastThere are several popular sports massage clinics in Northern Ireland which including Northern Ireland Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, Apex Clinic, Belfast Sports Message, Belfast Back Care, and many others. Sports massage at any of these clinics is done in a scientific way and helps improve muscle functioning and sports performance.

Belfast is abuzz with many sports all the time which include football, Rugby, tennis, basketball, volleyball, athletics, hockey, hurling, cycling, etc. With this, sports massage clinics are also in demand. A wide range of injury treatments is provided at the clinic which includes neck pain, back pain, sprain, strain, tennis elbow, arthritis, post-surgery rehabilitation, postural problems, workplace injuries, stability training, etc.

An appointment with the sports massage clinic can be scheduled online. The first appointment usually includes diagnosis and treatment. The physiotherapist at the clinic advises you on how many sessions and treatments you need.

Sports Massage Courses in Belfast

Certificate courses at different levels are offered in several colleges and private institutes in Belfast. Courses in Sports massage therapy and related field offers challenging and exciting career. You get good pay and benefits.

Belfast Met is the largest college in Northern Ireland and offers a level 3 Diploma in Sports Message Therapy and a Level 4 Certificate Course in Message Therapy. The courses are designed with the latest curriculum. Both the courses are offered as part-time courses. You can apply for admission to the course online at its website You can also find further information on the website.

The Northern Ireland School of Massage provides Physical Therapy teaching and training in Northern Ireland. At NISM School, diploma-level courses in manipulative therapy, remedial massage, advanced, and some other part-time courses are offered.

All the courses are designed to impart the highest standard of education. The courses are recognized internationally. You can find more information at its website

SERC College offers level 4 certificate courses in massage therapy and level 4 diploma course in massage therapy at it. You can find more information at

You will find several online self-paced introductory courses in sports massage therapy. BSY groups offer message training online with help of experienced tutors. Read more articles on lookup.

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