Free Online Criminal Justice Courses

Free Online Criminal Justice Courses

Free Online Criminal Justice Courses: Justice explores various crimes and law related issues and brings peace, law, civil order, liberty and equality in society. Career in criminal justice is very challenging and promising. There is a diverse array of areas in criminal justice education.

Online degree programs at under graduate and graduate level are offered in criminal justice education. Some of the colleges/universities offer free online criminal justice degree programs. Let’s check today’s top 5 free online degree programs.

Overview of Degree programs in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice DegreeIf you want to get a degree in criminal justice education, you should take degree from institute well accredited; it ensures that students take courses in acceptable standards. Accreditation is provided by the council of higher education.

There is no specific programmatic accreditation for degree programs in criminal justice education. Degree programs in criminal justice education are offered at associate, bachelors, masters, certificate and doctorate level.

Online Associate degree in criminal education

It takes two years to complete an associate degree in criminal justice. Associate degree program is offered by many junior colleges, vocational schools, community colleges etc. and requires earning 60 credits during the course. A high school diploma or equivalent is needed to join an associate degree program.

Students are taught courses such as basic investigative law, police laws, constitutional law, criminal investigations, juvenile delinquency etc. There are various career options such as criminal investigator, correction officer, probation officer, security professional etc.

Online Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice

Students need four years to complete a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. There are about 128-130 credits to be completed during the course. The course work includes broad and focused topics.

Students take general courses such as law, crime scene investigation, administration of justice white collar crime, sociology as well as specialization such as terrorism, criminal profiling, legal studies, comparative criminal justice, psychology of policing etc.

Bachelors in criminal justice have wide career choice such as special criminal justice officer, probation officer, correctional treatment specialist etc.

Online Master’s Degrees in Criminal Justice

Bachelors in criminal degree or in related field can opt for master’s degree in criminal justice. It takes two years to complete and need to complete about 36-40 credits. The course work covers an understanding of criminal justice and criminology.

Students are also taught advanced criminal justice research techniques, criminal justice administration, crime and punishment, law enforcement, legal issues in criminal justice etc. One can also take specializations such as cyber crime, homeland security, etc. A master’s degree in criminal justice can land you high level job in criminal justice.

Online Certificate Program in Criminal Justice

Certificate programs in criminal justice are offered online. Usually, it takes one year to complete and requires 3 to 10 courses. One can choose a specific area of study in criminal justice. It is offered at graduate level and is very useful to those who want to enter justice system or wants to become a seasoned professional.

Best Schools for Free Online Education in Criminal Justice

Free online courses in criminal justice offer same resources as the credit bearing courses. Students don’t have to enroll in the class and they are also not granted credits for it.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: It offers online free courses in

Justice: This course covers the basics of liberty and equality in society. Lectures are provided through downloadable notes and assignments.

Philosophy of Law: This course teaches about punishment and legal ethics issues.

Drugs Politics and Culture: The course includes drug laws and the laws regarding the use of illegal drugs.

The Open University: The courses offered are introductory courses. Following online free courses are offered.

Judges and the Law: It discusses history of common laws and civil law systems in U. K.

Making and Using Rules: This course covers how legal laws are formed, interpreted, and implemented.

Starting with Law: It is a course for beginners and explains how laws are formed and how they are useful to society.

University of California – Irvine: These are short courses as follows:

‘Law As:’ Theory and Method in Legal History: It includes video lectures from eminent law professors and explains how laws are integral part of the society.

Criminology, Law and Society: Hate Crimes: It is a graduate level course and provides lecture notes, articles and you tube videos.

University of Notre Dame: The course offered is:

Crime, Heredity, and Insanity in American History: It includes essays, reading assignments, discussion questions, etc. It explores criminal behavior.

Weber State University: It offers the following online free course

Introduction to Security: It is made of 12 lectures. The topics covered are retail security, internal theft, and violence. Reading assignments and questions are also suggested.

If you have an investigative mind and like to have career in criminal justice, than education in criminal justice can be a right choice for you. Follow your passion and choose the right course. Read more articles on lookup.

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