Warm Home Discount : WHD Customer Support

ScottishPower introduces Warm Home Discounts (WHD) every winter offering rebates to the qualifying customers to reduce their electricity bills. Warm Home Discount Scheme Inaugurated on 1st April 2011by the UK government, the WHD scheme will remain in effect until 2021.

The ScottishPower WHD Scheme allowing the qualifying customers to earn up to £140 annual rebates. If you have already applied for the discounts, the company will pay the rebates.

What is Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount scheme is an initiative by the UK government whereby the participating energy supply companies give discounts on electricity bills in the winter to help the pensioners and low-income group families cut the cost on extra energy expenditure during the season. Even if you are eligible to receive the Winter Fuel Payments and Cold Weather Payments, you can apply for the WHD rebates.

Eligibility Criteria for Warm Home Discount Scheme

ScottishPower has introduced the WHD scheme under two categories:

  1. Core Group Discounts: For Pensioners (automatically qualify for the discount scheme)
  2. Broader Group Discounts (Ofgem Approved): Mainly customers with low family income or any sort of vulnerability (the application will be approved based on their eligibility to meet the conditions)

More or less, the families with the following conditions meet the eligibility criteria to receive the discounts.

  • Customers Pension Guarantee Credit as on given date, the qualifying date of the ScottishPower WHD scheme
  • ScottishPower customer in low income household having a child under the age of 5 years
  • Those who are receiving disability or pensioner benefits

Note: The core group discount recipients do not have to apply for the WHD scheme. They automatically qualify for the rebates.

All qualifying applicants will receive a confirmation notice from ScottishPower with a unique reference number. You must follow the instructions in the email or letter notification to complete the verification process by producing the reference number and the ScottishPower electricity account number within the specified time limit. The company will process the payments only after fulfilment of the verification process by the eligible candidates.

How to Get the WHD Rebates

The applicants found eligible to receive the WHD rebates will get £140 (including VAT) in the following ways:

i. The credit amount of £133.33 shows on the next electricity bill (with VAT applied)

ii. The customers using the prepayment electricity meter will receive a discount voucher with bar code worth £140 (you can redeem the voucher at a local post office)

The rebate under the WHD scheme is available for domestic electricity account only. The customers having only gas account at ScottishPower cannot apply for the electricity rebates. The twin account owners with gas and electricity accounts linked to the same address and bill will automatically receive the rebates if they are qualifying candidates. customer service support warm home discount

If you have any query pertaining to the eligibility criteria or your enrolment for under the scheme, contact the ScottishPower helpline 0345 603 9439 every Monday to Friday between 8.30a.m. to 4.30p.m.

Note: The customers applying for the WHD rebates under the Broader Group Discounts are eligible to receive the benefits on the event of persistent low family income. In case, the situation changes and you are able to overcome the financial crisis, it is your responsibility to share the correct information with the company and withdraw the claim as you no longer meet the eligibility.

ScottishPower maintains a fair evaluation system to when verifying the applications for the broader group discounts. The British energy market regulator Ofgem has approved the application processing and eligibility norms established by the company.