Birmingham Airport Parking Discount Code : NCP Car Parking

Birmingham Airport Parking Discount Code

Birmingham airport parking discount code for short stay or long stay: If you are go Birmingham airport and have to park your car, the airport provides car parking with over 12,000 spaces available. They offer a range of official car parks with different services; you can choose according to your priorities. NCP Car Parking facility is available close to the terminal at much affordable rates. To find car parking convenient to you, you can look at the website

Birmingham Airport Valet Parking

Birmingham Airport has Valet parking with park mark accredited car parking and multi-story on-site three car parking. NCP Car Parking Birmingham is at a short walk to the terminal and is perfect parking. Whether you have a tight schedule or have lots of luggage, the airport valet parking is much convenient.

Parking there is simple, you just head to the designated Valet Parking area and they will park your vehicle in a Park Mark accredited car park. They ensure that your vehicle is ready on your arrival. The park remains open for 24 hours. The price rates are decided by the time for which you want to park your vehicle. You can also use Birmingham Airport Parking Discount Code.

Pre-book NCP Car Parking Online – Birmingham Airport Parking Discount Code

Pre-book NCP Valet Parking Online

You can pre-book NCP Car Parking for your vehicle online. It not only guarantees a space for your vehicle, you will also get parking at discounted online rates. You can save up to 50% on your parking rates. If you have discount code for Birmingham Airport Parking Discount Code, you can apply the code when you book parking. Discount will apply to your parking charges and you will have to pay the reduced amount. Following given are the steps on how to park online:

  • Go to
  • Visit the tab ‘Book a Space Now’.
  • Make time and date selection for the date and time during which you want to park your vehicle. If you have a promo code, you can enter the promo code in the field specified.
  • Go to ‘Find Prices’ button.
  • Visit ‘Show Products’ button under ‘Birmingham Valet Parking’ window.
  • Click ‘Book Now’ button and complete the booking process following instructions given.

If you have pre-booked, as soon as you enter, you just press for a ticket and park in an available bay. Then you go to the Valet Parking reception located in the same car park and deposit your keys.

When you are to leave the car park, you just call 0121 781 6680 as soon as you land there and they will have your vehicle ready for you to collect. You just exit the terminal building and head to Valet Parking and go to reception. You will be shown your vehicle and handed over your keys and a new ticket to use at the exit barrier.

If you to go Birmingham Airport, park your vehicle at Valet airport parking and enjoy your trip worry free. Enjoy NCP Car Parking discount if you have promo code.

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