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www.nhs.uk/ehic Renewal

EHIC stands for European Health Insurance Card. If you want to know ‘how do I renew my European health insurance card online?’ Then you need to check FAQ’s to NHS Renew EHIC card at www.nhs.uk/ehic Renewal website.

www.nhs.uk/ehic Renewal

With this card one gets access to the health care service provided by the state during temporary stay in Switzerland and other EEA (European Economic Area).

www.nhs.uk/ehic Renewal covers your medical treatment that is necessary by the time you return home. Under this the treatment is provided either free or at lower prices in the same manner as it is provided to the resident of that country. However this differs from country to country as some country wants you to pay some pre decided percentage towards the cost of state treatment.

This type os payment is called co-payment. Individual receiving treatment under this system is expected to pay the same co-payment charge as the resident of that particular country will pay.

Under EHIC, an individual also gets treatment for pre-existing medical condition and even maternity care. But to get maternity care one must not have visited the country to give birth or get treatment of any kind.

However, one should keep in mind that EHIC is not an option for travel insurance. EHIC is not available cruises. Also, it does not cover any private medical health care or costs like mountain rescue in ski resorts. It does not cover lost or stolen property too. Hence it is important that you should have EHIC as well as travel insurance policy too before you plan to travel.

If you wish to access information during abroad, you can download EHIC smartphone app from the website of European Commission.

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Planning healthcare if you move

If you are planning to move to another country it can be really exciting for you. When you move to another country, you make travel arrangements, your visa and work permits. But what do you plan for your healthcare. In case you are moving to another country permanently then under normal NHS rules you will not be able to get medical treatment.

The reason behind this is that NHS is only resident based healthcare system. You need to notify your GP to remove you and your family from the NHS register. Leaving some exceptions, most of the people will not be able to use their EHIC in Europe. Be ready for some additional healthcare costs.

Also make sure about the healthcare services that are available in the country you are moving too. Do remember that the healthcare system is different in different countries. So it may be that you might think a service to be free in a country and it is not. So always double check.

You need to register with authorities abroad in most of the cases. You need to register for work and make national insurance contributions, after this you will be ready to get state healthcare in the same manner as the residents of that place gets. There are however many countries that expect you to give patient contributions or join their national health insurance scheme.

It is therefore advisable to find out the rule that is applicable in your country. You can also get information of British nationals that live abroad on the website of GOV.UK. It gives information on requirements of entry and residence, health benefits and finance.

Remember that if you are going to live outside the European Economic Area permanently then you will not be eligible for healthcare paid by UK.

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