12 thoughts on “DailyMailNectar : Daily Mail Login Nectar”

  1. It is so annoying when I wish to enter mail numbers. Why so many web sites stating enter. I never seem able to get onto the correct one for doing so. Please make it easier.

  2. I feel the same as the last two people, always have trouble trying to enter my unique numbers. it used to be so easy ,why not now.

  3. Have not been able to enter my numbers for over 4 weeks how many points have I lost what is the problem

  4. I am fed-up of not being able to enter my unique numbers sometimes. What makes it
    really annoying is missing the deadline days for entry therefore forfeit your points. It leaves one wonder
    why bother to buy this news paper in the first place. Saturdays and Sundays papers are expensive and full
    of unwanted advertisements for nothing.

    G Smith

  5. I have continued to enter Mail number totalling 7000 or more but they are not going onto my nectar card, even though I can use the card in BP garage with no problem. I redeem them in Argos. I keep trying to link up my nectar card & can’t get past procedure 2. Tried going into account , it won’t let me. Tried changing password, won’t let me. I feel this is not repaying my loyalty that I have shown.one time only, months ago it recognised the number but since then nothing. Before you linked up with nectar I had no problems with my Mail points & enjoyed the products I received.

  6. I have been entering my numbers from the mail paper for agesI now told that my nectar card is not linked, I HAVE SPOKEN TO NECTAR THEY TELL ME IT IS CONNECTED AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG THERE END.

  7. As with the other people I am not able to access my rewards account what is the problem please reply

  8. I have the daily Mail 7 days a week and pay by direct debit to News Team who have given me a good service.
    the only draw back is that I lose out on your special offers and double Nectar points such as the ultimate pack,is there a way I can take advantage of your offers while still having News Team deliver my Mails.
    As a loyal customer to the Daily Mail it does not seem right That I should miss out on the offers you make from time
    to time.

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