What is recovery time for diverticulitis surgery?

Recovery Time from Diverticulitis Surgery

Diverticulitis happens when inflammation of Diverticula in the digestive track of a person occurs. Though there is no proven data, but it is considered that people with constipation for a long time and strain during bowel movement may weaken intestine wall and develop diverticulitis. Diet with less fiber is also one of the causes. Here we will check recovery time from diverticulitis surgery and diverticulitis surgery success stories.

Recovery Time from Diverticulitis Surgery

What is recovery time for diverticulitis surgery?

There are different ways for treating diverticulitis. It can be treated with medications which include antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and intake of fluid only. Making healthy life style change may also help you. But in case of severe diverticulitis when medication is not effective, one needs to go through surgery.

If bleeding from rectum takes place, intense pain in abdomen remains persistent for several days, if there is a blockage in colon which obstructs bowel or even if there are symptoms of sepsis, you also need to consider an option of surgery.

Diverticulitis surgery and risk associated with it

There are two types of diverticulitis surgery: Bowel resection with primary anastomosis and Bowel resection with colostomy. The surgery could be laparoscopic surgery or open surgery.

Before going through surgery, you need to stop taking medicines for diverticulitis and take some measures as suggested by your surgeon. You might be asked to stop taking solid food 12 or 24 hours earlier.

Some complications may arise in case of diverticulitis surgery if you are obese, over the age 60, suffering from medical conditions such as diabetes or blood pressure, have gone through abdominal surgery earlier, poor health etc.

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Recovery after diverticulitis Surgery

You need to stay in hospital under doctor’s monitoring for 7-8 days after surgery; for laparoscopic surgery the hospital stay might be little less. Once you can pass waste normally, you might be allowed to go home. It will take about 4-5 weeks to recover from the surgery if you have gone through laparoscopic surgery, whereas in case of open surgery it might take 7-8 days to get healed. To help yourself fast recovery, you follow the steps given below:

  • You shouldn’t exercise, lift heavy objects, and abstain from sex for at least two weeks. Depending upon state of your surgery, you might be advised to observe the restrictions for a longer time.
  • Initially, you have to take clear liquid food only. Then slowly, you will be introduced to solid food so that your colon will get healed.
  • Take care of a stoma and colostomy bag and follow the instructions given to you by doctor.

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