Postnl Track & Trace / Pakket Versturen / Tarieven / Ontvangen / Postcode Zoeken / Vacatures

Postnl Track & Trace / Pakket Versturen / Tarieven / Ontvangen / Postcode Zoeken / Vacatures:
The website provides the easiest way of providing various services all around the Netherland and the outside countries it provides various services such as the letter handling services within Netherland or sending letters abroad all the letter receiving data’s and the related rates and correlated information they also provides the services of packages handling of the heavy goods from one place to another and the additional services related such as the online information about the shipping and  preparation of the all customs related documents.

The website also provides the service of the customer forward and preserve it may be in relation to the relocation or the information about the store location in the new place or forwarding the services and the survivors services.

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It also provides the information about the all types of the stamps it may be day to day usage stamps or special stamps or if any customers need to make any new type of stamps according to their style then they can also make accordingly and additionally if any information is needed about stamps by the customer then this type of service is also provided. Postnl also provides the information about the post office location near by the customer’s house and the related services of all the products so sold in the post office premises.

The site also provides the services for the business purpose it may be the postal services, bulk mail, packages, directly mailing services, international aspects and the related services and the E billing and the printing services this all type of the information is provided in the site according to the user convenience.

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