Expert Tips for Negotiate Medical Bills: Reduce Hospital Bill

Check Expert Tips on ‘How to Negotiate Medical Bills’

When you go through medical procedure, your main aim is to get recovery, but as the medical procedures are quite expensive and you might be worried about making payment for it. There are several ways you can negotiate your medical bills. Let’s check expert tips to reduce hospital bill.

Expert Tips for Negotiate Medical Bills

Ask for Discount

You can ask for some discount candidly before you go through the procedure or health service has been provided. You can talk to your healthcare services provider about your circumstances. If you are on low income, unemployed or have some other genuine reason, you can inform your doctor. Most doctors do understand situation of the patients and tries to provide some discount if possible. Many doctors’ offices and hospitals run health assistance programs and you may avail help from such program.

If you are not provided any discount, you can also ask if you are provided some discount if you pay in cash. Cash payment keeps them from hassle and credit card fees etc.

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Negotiate payment terms

Your health service provider may not compromise on price for medical services, but you don’t give up. You can tell the health care service representative that you can’t afford to pay big amount but you can pay through payment plans. If accepted, you have to take care that you keep promises; otherwise it kills your future negotiations.

Go after old bills

It may happen that it might not be possible to negotiate medical bills in advance. You can still try. You look up for fair market price for the health services you have received. You can find market price information the healthcare blue book. With right information, you can contact billing department and negotiate it. If your request is turned down, you can talk to her/his authority.

Check for Common Medical Billing Errors

There might be human error while preparing medical bills. You can go through your bill carefully and check to see if there is any error. You can also check the bill for upcoding. Sometimes it might include duplicate billing for some service or medication. You also need to check for mismatched for coding; when you send a bill with mismatching to insurance company, the bill will be sent back for correction.

Remember, whenever you talk to a doctor or healthcare service provider for negotiation, discount or some other favor, you need to be polite! You also have to present your side in a convincing manner.

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