Www.yahoo.com.sg/Finance/Currency Converter

Www.yahoo.com.sg/Finance/Currency Converter

Www.yahoo.com.sg/Finance/Currency Converter: When Yahoo! First came it is used for the search engine and now it expands its services in many areas and become a famous in all around the world. It was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in 1994. There is news in a New York Times that yahoo finance is better that Google’s Financial Application.
When we talk about yahoo finance then we find a complete package of finance related topic in it. It provides breaking news, recent market data, lending and borrowing rate and other financial data of many companies. It is easy to operate for the investor and has unique features also. For open Singapore web page you can visit sg.finance.yahoo.com.

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How it looks and feels to use?

When we first open it then we can see many advertisements on the page but they are not related to sites content. Home screen gives a wide range of data for it and most important area which is used several times in a day is educational area. In news and opinion section a person can see the various investment areas and strategies for there.

Personal finance area giving information of individual person’s investment not any company’s point of view. There is also a facility of tech ticker which is continuously updating news with a video interview.  All the trackers are easy to operate and people can see the safest investments place.

Registration and Cost for the service

If a person wants to use it then he/she first opens a yahoo account. Then after they can login in finance.yahoo.com. This service is free to use in many area.

Features of the service

It has clear interface, it gives recently updated financial news, who are first time operate it for that there is an educational articles for them, multiple calculators for the financial situation, yahoo finance currency converter, world indices real time stock quotes etc.

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