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How to Lower Insurance Rates for Young Drivers – Buy Car Insurance Online

Uswitch Car Insurance for Young Drivers with Lower Rates / Buy online: Uswitch helps young drivers find the best car insurance. It is difficult to find car insurance for young driver at reasonable price. Young drives are considered somewhat more risky and car insurance for them is much expensive. Car insurance is calculated based on the risk involved and the latest data shows that average premium for car insurance for young between age 17 and 22 is about £1,771.

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There are several factors which impacts cost of car insurance. Usually insurers’ divides car into 1 to 50 insurance groups according to the cost of the car, value of new car, security features of the car etc.; lower the group number, cheaper is the insurance.

  • The upfront amount you choose to pay if you are to make a claim also has impact on car insurance. Higher the upfront cost, lower is the insurance premium.
  • You go for the coverage that you actually need. Third party coverage is the minimum legal coverage you require to drive a car in UK. Third party insurance covers damage or injury to third party only, it doesn’t cover damage to your vehicle or injury done to you. It is recommended that you opt for comprehensive coverage.
  • If you add a second experienced driver to your insurance policy, it will reduce the cost of insurance significantly.
  • You opt for total payment option, and not monthly payment as total payment reduces cost to some extent.
  • Installing Telematics box can also help making your car insurance cheaper.
  • You make your car more secure by adding security features to it and it can help reduce your premium.

How to Get and Compare Car Insurance Quotes at Uswitch

  • You can get and compare car insurance quote online at Uswitch. Here are the steps on how to do so:
  • Go to
  • Enter registration number of your car. Then click on ‘Compare Car Insurance’. If you don’t have the number, click on the link ‘I don’t know my Registration number’. Then Enter car details.
  • Provide necessary car details, driver details and coverage required as asked.

You will get quotes for the different car insurance offered. You can make comparison and decide on what insurance you would like to opt for.

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