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UniversalCreditLogin is necessary to manage your account online. Universal Credit is a program of the UK Government to aid citizens with lower income or unemployment. If you’re a resident of the UK, you will be eligible to get income support from the UK Government on a monthly or fortnightly basis under Universal Credit Program.

The Universal Credit scheme launched simplifying the previous welfare program, replacing six government benefits, such as

  • Child Tax Credit
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Income Support
  • Housing Benefits
  • Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance

If you’re already registered under one of the above schemes, you can come under the Universal Credit

  • If your circumstance changes
  • At the discretion of the Department of Work and Pension

Now, let’s check Universal Credit Login help guide and login issue solutions.

Universal Credit Login

By access your Universal Credit Login, you can apply for an advance on your first payment, view statement, report a change in circumstances, view to-do list, check when your next payment is, view your claimant commitment, add a note to your journal and more. Following given is the steps how to sign in:

  1. Go to www.gov.uk/sign-in-universal-credit
  2. Go on ‘Sign In’ button displayed at bottom of the screen.
  3. Enter your username and password in the fields specified. Click ‘Sign In’ button. If you have difficulty signing in, click the link ‘Problems signing in?’ displayed below sign in button.

You can find about if you are eligible for the Universal Credit using the Citizens Advice eligibility checker at www.citizensadvice.org.uk. For further information, you can visit the website www.gov.uk>Benefits>Universal credit.

How to access Universal credit sign in to my account?

You can apply for Universal Credit online. Go to the official website gov.uk and click on Apply Now button to proceed.

There you need to provide information, such as

  • Proof of Identity
  • Account details of Bank, Building Society, or Credit Union
  • Your monthly income
  • Details of your savings and investments
  • Your expenses on childcare (if any)
  • Details of your accommodation (whether you stay in a rented house or you have your own dwelling)
  • Amount of rent you pay per month (if any)

You need Universal Credit sign up for the account with your email id providing the required details.

Once you have registered to the account, you can access Universal Credit log in again with your login credentials.

UniversalCreditLogin Issues

While trying to sign in Universal Credit account, you may face the following issues.

1. Can’t find the Universal Credit login page

To login Universal Credit account, you need to go to the official website of the UK Government.

Or you can directly type https://www.gov.uk/sign-in-universal-credit on your browser.

After opening the page, scroll down and click on the green-colored Sign In button.

2. Can’t log in to My Universal Credit Account

People often use their email id at the time of Universal Credit sign in. However, you can’t log in using the email address you have provided while signing up. You’re required to enter your user name and password to sign in.

3. Forgot username or password

If you have lost your username or password details, you don’t have to worry at all.

Forget Username
  • In case you forget your username, click on the forgotten username link.
  • Enter the email address that you have used at the time of signing up.
  • Click on the green-colored Send username tab.
  • You will be sent your username to your given email address.
Forget Password
  • If you’re unable to recall your password, you can click on the Forgotten password link.
  • There you have to enter your username and date of birth.
  • After providing the required information correctly, click on the Send the link button.
  • You will get an email containing a link to verify your email address.
  • Click on the link to verify your account.
  • Once you have done the verification procedure, you can reset your password.

What are the benefits to having an online Universal Credit account?

Once you create the Universal Credit account, you can access the account at any time by signing in with your username and password. This account is also termed the Online Journal. You can use this account to:

  • Check at which date you’re going to receive your credit
  • Get informed of the amount of credit you will get
  • Claim the credit in advance
  • Chat with your work coach
  • Check and accept the claimant commitment
  • Check the complete to-do list
  • Report the change of your circumstances (if any)
  • Report your earnings from previous work
  • Provide details of the childcare cost you bear
  • Add notes to your journal
  • Inform about your disability or medical condition

How to know if you need Universal Credit?

You can claim Universal Credit if you’re a UK resident with one or more of the following conditions:

  • You’re 18 years or older
  • Your income is low
  • You’re unemployed
  • You have any disability or health condition that terminated your work
  • You’re unable to pay your house building rent
  • You’re caring for a disabled patient
  • You’re struggling to meet the childcare cost
  • You are (if claimed as a couple, your partner is) under the State Pension age
  • You and your partner have savings or investments of less than £16000.

Besides the above conditions, you can get Universal Credit in some exceptional cases.

Exceptional Case 1: You’re 16 or 17 years old

  • You’re an orphan or don’t have parental support
  • You need to take responsibility for a child
  • You’re caring for a severely disabled patient
  • You have any medical condition, making you unable to work

Exceptional Case 2: You’re not a citizen of the UK

If you’re not a citizen of the UK, you can still claim the Universal Credit if you are a citizen of the EU, EEA or Switzerland. However, before claiming the Universal Credit, you will need to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme.

Exceptional Case 3: You’re already claiming one of the following state benefits, and your circumstances have changed

  • Housing Benefits
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Working Tax Credit
  • Income Support

For more information, check the official website of gov.uk.

How much is Universal Credit UK per week?

The weekly benefit you get under the Universal Credit System depends on your current status and the place of your residence.

Current StatusOutside Greater LondonInside Greater London
If you’re single£257.69£296.35
If you’re in a couple£384.62£442.31
If you’re a single parent and your children live with you£384.62£442.31

Does universal credit have to be paid back UK?

You will have to pay back the amount of Universal Credit in the following cases:

  • You have been overpaid
  • You have claimed an advance

Universal Credit Overpaid

Sometimes you may get overpaid if you

  • Provide wrong or inadequate information at the time of making application
  • Don’t report to the Department of Work and Pensions regarding the change in circumstances

If you realise you have got more credit than you’re entitled to, you may report it online, login universal credit account. You also can call to the Universal Credit helpline number to inform this issue.

Universal Credit Advance

You can claim an advance payment before getting your first payment. The advance money will be deducted from the monthly Universal Credit payments.

If your circumstances are changed and you’re no longer entitled to the Universal Credit benefits, you need to repay the owing amount. You will get a letter mentioning the amount due. You will have to go to the Department of Work and Pension Debt Management Contact Center to settle the due.

How much does a single person get on Universal Credit UK?

The single claimants whose assessment period ended on or after 6th October 2021 can get

£257.33 (if aged less than 25 years)

£324.84 (if 25 years or above age)

In the following circumstances, the claimants will be entitled to get more allowance.

Additional Allowances

In the following conditions, the claimant will be eligible to get additional allowances besides the standard benefit.

In case the claimant has children

If you have one or more children, you can get an allowance for them. However, you will get paid for your first two children only except:

  • All your children were born before 6th October 2017
  • You have applied for the Universal Credit for all of your kids before 6th October 2017
  • One of your children is disabled or severely disabled

The amount of benefit for your children is as follows:

CircumstancesMonthly Allowance
For 1st child (born before 6th November 2017)£282.50
For 1st child (born on or after 6th November 2017)£237.08
For 2nd or other eligible children (irrespective of the date of birth)£237.08 per child
For disabled child£128.89
For a severely disabled child£402.41

If you need help to meet your childcare costs, you will be paid the lower of 85% of your expenses or up to £646.35 for one child and £1108.04 for more than one child.

In case of any disability or health issue of the claimant

If you have a disability or any other health condition that restricts your capability for work, you will get an allowance of £343.63 or £128.89, depending on your circumstances.

Other additional allowances are paid for:

  • Caring for a severely disabled patient for more than 35 hours a week and
  • Meeting housing rent
  • Other financial aids depending on the circumstances

Apply for Universal Credit Account

You can apply for Universal Credit online. It is simple and quick to apply online. Following given are the steps on how to apply online:

  1. Go to www.gov.uk/browse/benefits/universal-credit
  2. Click the link ‘Apply for Universal Credit’ displayed in middle of the screen.
  3. Read information displayed on the screen. Click ‘Start Now’ button displayed at bottom of the screen.
  4. Enter your post code in the box displayed. Click ‘Start’ button.
  5. Provide all the details as asked following instructions given, set up your username and password to complete the application process.

You will receive your first installment after about 5 weeks.

Universal Credit Contact Number

Universal Credit is a monthly payment made by UK government to people with low income or out of work which help them with living costs. Here we discussed on universal credit login help. For any other inquiries or support with your claim you can call on universal credit phone number 0800 012 1331. Whether you can claim for Universal Credit depends on your circumstances and where you live. You can’t claim Universal credit and other benefits at the same time which include child tax credit, housing benefit, job seeker’s allowance, income support, income related employment and support allowance, working tax credit etc.

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