Today’s Best Now TV Pass Offers for Existing Customers:

Latest Now TV Deals and Discount Codes

Latest Now TV Deals and Discount CodesNOW TV is an internet TV service provided in UK which is offered without any contract and provides content on demand. You can watch blockbuster movies, TV shows, live sports, kids program and much more at it. It is made simple to watch on any of your device. Here we will discuss on Now TV pass offers for existing customers. It supports over 60 devices that include TV, computers, tablet, smart phone, game consoles and many more.

How to get NOW TV

There are four different passes to choose from:

Entertainment pass: You can watch TV shows on 11channels through this pass. There is a 14 days free trial available and then you can continue at the £7.99 monthly subscription.

SKY cinema pass: You can watch unlimited movie through SKY cinema pass. There are over 1000 movies to choose from and you can see a new premier every day. Monthly subscription is £7.99.

Kids pass: Kids TV shows can be watched live as well as on demand. 14 days free trial is given. If you want to subscribe it, a very nominal monthly subscription rate of £2.99 applies. You join kids pass and NOW TV is offering 6 kids dedicated channels.

Sky Sports pass: You can enjoy sports at monthly subscription of £6.99.

NOW TV is also offering two half price tickets to 30 UK attractions with free trial as well as purchase of any pass.

NOW TV Offers and Deals

Sky Sports Month Pass: There is an introductory offer on Sky Sports Month Pass; you can get Sky Sports just at monthly £19.99 for two months.

NOW TV Combo Offer: A combo of latest TV and Fibre Broadband, NOW TV smart box and calls is offered at an introductory price of just £22.99 for first 12 months. $44 worth set up is provided for free.

Save Over 50%: You can join Sky Cinema and Entertainment passes and save over 50%.

NOW TV Box Packs: You can save over 30% when you buy a pack. You can get NOW TV Box and 2 months entertainment pass at £19.99 only which saves you considerably 35%. You can buy their Box and 1 month sky cinema pass at £19.99 which will save you 20%. You buy this Box and 3 months kids pass at £19.99 and you will save 17%. It also offers Box and 1 month sky sports pass at £36.99 and it saves 24%.

How to watch NOW TV

It is simple to watch NOW TV. Following given are the steps:

  • Choose your Now TV Pass.
  • Sign up for your account.
  • Download app on the device you want to watch.
  • Sign in to your NOW TV account and start watching TV on your device.

Choose the TV pass you are interested in watching and enjoy good quality TV on your device.

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