The Benefit of Norton Shopping Guarantee

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Norton Shopping Guarantee Benefits

Online shopping has become very popular and more and more buyers prefer online shopping as it is more convenient. Customers don’t need to go to the physical store location, buy the product and bring it home. Online shopping is a time saver and money saver. Moreover, there are many deals and great discounts offered and products are delivered fast.

With online shopping, the major concern is security. There remains a risk of identity theft. There also remains a chance that the original product is not delivered. There are many e-Commerce companies that offer security to merchants as well as customers. If there is security protection offered by the merchant, customers buy products without worries and feel peace of mind.

Symantec is one such very trusted and one of the largest internet security companies. It offers online identity theft protection and data security in more than 48 countries to a large number of customers. Norton Shopping Guarantee from Symantec follows the highest security standards for e-Commerce.

It ensures that the customers find the merchants trustworthy and feel the online shopping experience pleasurable. Whether it is a small business or large, customers not only get buyer protection but also receive an authentic product at the best price with Norton Shopping Guarantee.

Norton Shopping Guarantee

Norton Shopping Guarantee is designed to help online businesses grow and secure buyer confidence. Buyers who buy online products from NSG merchants get a free guarantee; $10,000 Identity Theft Protection for 30 days, a $1,000 Purchase Guarantee, and $100 Lowest Price Guarantees for 30 days meaning if the price of the product purchased is reduced within 30 days, the customer will be paid the difference.

NSG badge on a seller’s website implies that the product is protected from Norton Shopping Guarantee and buyers buy the product if they like it without giving a second thought.

The badge acts as an incentive for online merchants to attract more and more buyers; it increases their online selling and accounts for more profitability. Joining the NSG helps grow the business, be it a new merchant on the web or an established one, a small business, or a large one.

In order to join the NSG program, merchants have to qualify for it. The qualification is based on your track record, financial stability, customer satisfaction, and much more.

To join the program, you first need to call 1-855-822-2827; you will be asked certain basic business-related questions. You can also chat with a representative online. You can go through a demo of the program online. You just click on the link ‘Request a Demo’ at

Customer Support

To know more about Norton Shopping Guarantee service and how it can help you boost sales, you can call 1-855-658-2760. Merchants, as well as buyers, can also write emails to [email protected] if they want any support. Read more articles on lookup.