Spotlight Challenge Guide: Fortnite Season 6 Challenges

Spotlight Challenge Guide: Fortnite Season 6 Challenges

Spotlight Challenge Guide: Fortnite Players have reasons for more fun and take challenges as Fortnite Season 6 is now live. PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android players are much excited to play a fresh Battle Pass to level up. As with season 5, players have to play the game and complete challenges.

A new set of tasks will be there for the players to complete. The weekly cheat sheet has already been released. Here we will discuss Fortnite battle pass, llama challenge, dance under streetlight spotlights locations, and game app.

Spotlight Challenge Guide

As in the previous season, challenges are split into two categories. All Fortnite players can take the first set of challenges, it is for free. The second set is for Battle Pass owners only; you need to have 950 V-Bucks in-game to get a Battle Pass.

If you don’t have the Battle Pass, you still can complete certain tasks to earn some rewards, but some of the coolest tasks can be unlocked for the paid Battle Pass only. So if you want to play the game full fledge and take up all the challenges, it is recommended you have paid Battle Pass.

Though a Battle Pass can be picked up at a later stage of the game too for unlocking any premium rewards you have earned based on the tier that you have reached, the advantage of buying it at the beginning of the season is you get bonus XP which is available for playing the game either alone or with buddies. This XP levels you up and translates to Battle Stars which in turn can level up your pass.

As the Battle Pass ranks up, you will have new items unlocked. You have over 100 rewards to get. To take it all, you will have to play for 70 to 150 hours. There are standard challenges for all and Hunting Party challenges for those who have the Battle Pass just like Blockbuster and Road Trip objectives of past seasons.

Every week during the season, you will have to complete certain tasks. With the completion of each challenge, you are rewarded with a loading screen that reveals the location of a hidden Battle Pass tier for you to reach. When you complete seven tasks, you earn a Legendary skin. There will be some really difficult challenges.

Streetlight Spotlight locations for the ‘Dance under different …Season 6 features a bonus ‘Hunting Party’ challenge every week that can only be unlocked on completing all seven of the standard weekly quests.

You can get the guidelines each week on the trickiest challenges and how to make them easier and quicker for you at You can also take a look at all of Fortnite Season 6’s new skins, emotes, cosmetics, sprays, and other items to unlock in the gallery of Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass rewards.

You can get detailed information on how to take on difficult challenges; you can visit the links,

Streetlight Spotlight locations for the ‘Dance under different Streetlight Spotlights‘ Fortnite challenge

How to find the secret Fortnite Battle Star for the Season 6, Week 1 Hunting Party challenge. Read more articles on lookup.

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