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Online Piano Tutorial / Play with Keyboard / Virtual Piano Keyboard / Lessons: is helps people to teach online piano tutorial. The site is like virtual tutor with animated online piano. The site is a great option for piano lovers to play songs and music without real piano.
The homepage of first of all greeted visitors by ‘Happy Birthday’ animation. The main content area under the top menu shows the hit song tutorial and some advertisements. Every song has a thumbnail. The site’s different background color and font with more spacing in the main content area is make it’s watchable.

 Free Online Piano Tutorial

First attraction of this site is the flash animated piano. In fact the site has small text, but it doesn’t matter. The centralized searching system is the great feature and it make easier to find music, song artists, tutorials, rating, difficulty and piano sheets. homepage serves section wise tutorials. The visitor easily find categories like rock, jazz, kids, pop, classic etc. The categories are available on every page and helps to finding the music easily.

The Chord Chart is very interesting part of this site. Here total guidance available for piano newbies. Piano playing animation gives user the facility to choose speed of animation. is a unique website that provides a fantastic online service to learn piano. If you want to play music, songs like you without any live practice, then this site is for you.
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How to play Happy Birthday to You – Piano Tutorial Video:

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