Netflix Prices, Kosten and Preise: How much is Netflix UK per Month

By | August 21, 2018

Netflix Prices, Kosten, Preise and Subscription Charges per Month

Netflix UK Review 2018, Your One Stop Destination to Low Cost Online Streaming, Netflix Prices, Kosten, Preise and Subscription Charges per Month: Netflix has emerged as the largest global online streaming platform and one stop entertainment support for millions of subscribers. In terms of data consumption in the US alone, Netflix occupies 37% internet bandwidth during the prime time alone exceeding Bittorent, Hulu, Amazon Prime Instant Video and other services. If you are still indecisive about choosing the online video streaming yet, read the Netflix review and the plan prices in the UK and Germany to select the best option.

Netflix Prices, Kosten and Preise

Netflix UK Price Plans/ Germany Kosten and Preise

Netflix offers 4 different membership plans to the users worldwide. However, it is important to remember, the fourth plan is available in the US only. The prices mentioned herein are subject to the cost to the UK subscribers only.

1. Basic Plan

  • Plan Type: SD 1 Screen Plan
  • Plan Price: £5.99/month
  • Plan Details: With this plan you can enjoy live streaming on one device at a time with standard video resolution

2. Standard Plan

  • Plan Type: HD 2 Screen Plan
  • Plan Price: £7.49/month
  • Plan Details: Full HD 1080p resolution video quality available for both the screens at the same time

3. Premium Plan

  • Plan Type: HD/UHD-4K 4 Screen Plan
  • Plan Price: £8.99/month
  • Plan Details: Watch HD resolution videos simultaneously on all 4 screens and get 4K resolution when available

SD- Standard Definition

HD- High Definition

UHD/4K- Ultra High Definition

You can check kosten and preise for Germany at here:

Global Content Library

With the paid membership, you get to watch contents available in the Netflix library accessible to subscribers in 190+ countries where the company offers its services.

Watch TV Shows, Sports, Movies and Much More

You will never miss your favourite shows while on the go with Netflix membership. Watch your favourite movies, channels and everything you urge to anywhere, anytime.

Download Favourite Programmes on Your Devices

Netflix allows you to download movies and other contents on a range of iOS, Windows, and Android devices. Download your favourite stuff and keep watching as many times whenever you wish.

No More Compromises with Commercial Breaks

You can use the ‘pause’ feature to stop any show in between and resume playing when desired without the need to watch any commercial breaks.

Enjoy Netflix on Any Device of Your Choice

You can watch Netflix content on any device supporting internet connectivity and Netflix app functionality. You can enjoy live streaming on Smart TV, Smartphones, Tablets, Gaming Consoles, and even streaming media players.

It is recommended to check the System Requirements, Supported Device and Browser Compatibility before subscribing.

No Contract Obligation

Upon completing the sign up with Netflix successfully, you will get a month of free trial period. If you do not like to use the services further, cancel your membership within the 30 days trial period. You will not be charged a single penny for the free trial period or cancellation.

How to Subscribe for Netflix Membership

It is very easy to get started with the Netflix membership in few simple steps, and start enjoying your favourite stuff online right away.

  • Visit the Netflix official website
  • Click on the Red tab titled ‘Sign In’ or ‘Join Free For a Month’
  • Choose the preferred membership plan
  • Provide your email address and create a password
  • Choose a payment method

What is really Impressive About Netflix

  • One month of free trial
  • Cancel your subscription at any time without any conditions
  • Convenience of paying for resolution and services as per budget
  • Low cost plans
  • Supports unlimited streaming on a wide range of devices

What is the Cause of Concern before You Subscribe

  • Does not work well if you have slow internet connection
  • DVD plan is not available outside the US

Final Verdict,

Netflix is a low cost online TV and video streaming platform that you can easily subscribe and enjoy with complete peace of mind. There are different membership plans to choose depending on your usage requirements and budget. The company is already in the process of upgrading its content library with more of UHD/4K videos so there is much to explore depending on the plan you want to choose.

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