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If you love yogurt and enjoy different flavours, then you must have picked up a pot of Müller Corner dairy for you or your family. If you have recently picked up a pot of Müller Corner dairy and would like to know what kind of gifts you can receive for free then go through the process to find it out. To thank and promote customers trust, the Muller Corner has introduced a program and giving a promotional code from every promotional pot they purchase. Every customer can get one among various free Thank You Cows gifts with the promotional code. The offer is for limited period only and don’t miss it.

Müller Corner Thank You Cows

What Is Müller Corner Thank You Cows Promotional Program?

Müller Corner is one of the most popular yogurt brands in UK and one of the largest dairies. It provides four main types and 19 various pots of products for customers, the brands including Fruit Corner, Crunch Corner, Greek Style Yogurt Corner and Bio Yogurt Corner. The yogurt they provide is very fresh, creamy, healthy and full of nutrition which every member of a family can relish. Müller offers the best possible products that suits needs of customers and the environment. Müller Corner would like to provide a Thank You Cows promotion program for all the valued customers. Each can get one among various free Thank You Cows gifts from the purchase of every promotional pot. The offer is for short period only. So get it and enjoy the richness of nutrition and taste.

To Receive A Thank You Cows Gift

You need

  1. You must have bought a promotional pack of Müller Corner during promotional time period.
  2. You have to enter your promotional code and claim your free gift before the closing date.

Step-By-Step Guideline

  1. Get a 6-digit promotional code from the product you bought. You will find the code easily on lid for standard Müller Corner, or inside of hardboard sleeve for mini-Müller Corner.
  2. Visit Müller Corner Thank You Cows website, enter the 6-digit promotional code. Mention correct email address and go to “Enter” button.
  3. You will be informed of which Thank You Cows gift you will receive, and will get it soon. Each promotional pot is linked to one special type of free gift.

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