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About Met Office Weather Forecast

Everyday we make several decisions according to the weather conditions. To help people take right decision, Met Office provide accurate weather and climate forecasts. They have partnered with organisations around the globe and collect massive amount of data, analyse it and uses cutting edge technology so that right forecast prediction can ensure safety and well-being of the people. Here we will discuss about Met Office Weather Forecast.

Met Office Weather Forecast

Met Office is a trusted space weather forecast provider to UK armed forces and helps them plan their missions. They do advise energy and retail sectors so they can work on consumer needs of the time. They help lots of businesses, agencies and governments in making timely decisions and make the world a safer place.

Met office provides weather forecast, weather warnings, special forecast, UK climate, world weather, weather guide and weather services. The Met Office does intensive research for predicting weather and ocean forecasting to climate prediction. The office provides its services to media, data point, aviation, transport services, public sector, defence services, agricultural services and more.

Met Office Weather Forecast Birmingham

Birmingham is the major city in UK in the West Midland’s region. The city has lots of attractions for visitors to enjoy and it gets thousand of visitors all the time. Right weather forecast is of great help to them.

You can check weather for Birmingham at You can view weather for 24 hours, next seven days, seasonal weather and more. To get the weather information, you just need to enter the location, city name or zip code. You will find the temperature, wind direction and speed, visibility, humidity, UV index and more. You can find weather map, weather guide etc.

Birmingham weather forecast over the next seven days is quiet moderate with temperature ranging between to 20 to100, low speed wind, good visibility, humidity above 80% etc.

You can find seasonal weather forecast related to conventional seasons which help visitors plan in advance and also help local business decide on trends. Seasonal forecasts provide details on weather, averaged over the next few months. The current seasonal forecast is expected to vary from normal.

The Met Office has always remained at the forefront in providing global weather and climate services for 150 years. They have worked closely with Government departments and other bodies in UK and overseas.

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