Majestic SEO Api: Backlink checker Api

Majestic SEO Api: Backlink checker Api

Majestic Seo is one of the famous companies who have tried to build their own index of the web and mainly they use their index for the purpose of links only. It also gives free tools to users but its premium membership will give users to much more link data. Their official website is For more information on Majestic SEO API on this page.

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They are refreshing their index every month so that we can say that they are making it relatively up-to-date. Users can check Standard information, such as anchor text, top linking domains, IP addresses, TLDs and important pages within a few clicks they can complete their tasks. Backlink checker is one of the good services of them.

Users of Majestic Seo will find a various types of reports that are overview, domain URL, Anchors, Ref Domain, and Ref Tlds, Daily Updates, Download and option. Api documentation also available.

Users can get this tool from the webmaster’s own website free of cost but they have to pay if they are using link information from other sites also. The price of it is between US$15 to US$250 and it also depends on the various data which the webmaster needs.

Programmers of it are working so well and they are providing good information and filter and sorters are also a top quality. The learning curve for the open-source operating system is much higher, but for those who master it, it provides a stable and more facility of OS. Majestic Seo is doing their jobs and completing goals in a limited time period and making link analysis completely transparent.

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