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Table of Contents Login Login: Most people do not feel completely comfortable sending you an activation email after registering to access a Web site to get links. They have little fear of spam accounts, so you do not register on the site, thus deprived of some of the most important services.
But creates temporary email inbox for an activation link you will have to complete the registration. Without revealing their real email address temporary mailbox that can handle the website to make records. Using this service, you can save your real email address from spam and email traffic control. Login Image offers a free, temporary email introduced in 2011. Customer can also create a throwaway email address for registration and any website anonymously. Not require user registration or password, e-mail to find temporary. It is very useful to people when they want to expose your actual email ID.

Most web users to an activation email ID given by email send link identity also ID verified sites. This subscription or websites that just want to find out the registration form is the best tool for many things.


• Easy to use ( Need only user name and follow the massage shows on web)
• No mail sending option is available only reading facility to secure the documents.
• No SPAM and any viable email or any newsletters
• Automatic mail deleting system (email will be delete within 2 months period)
• Can use guestbook for forums and write comments on any website
• Automatically clicks on registration links
• Alternate domain names
• HTML formatted emails are fully supported
• Many encodings are supported
• Messages made of different parts are supported also display all parts with all notes
• RSS channel for every mailbox if you would like to be informed when a new message arrives, click on the RSS button on the desired mailbox page. This way you can convert an email newsletter into an RSS feed
• Assignable alias for every mailbox if you don’t want anybody reading your mail set an alias for your mailbox. You hand out the alias, and accessing the messages is only possible from the original mailbox.
• The size of a message can be 250 kilobytes at most. Parts exceeding this value will not be accessible.
• The name of mailboxes (and aliases) cannot be longer than 30 characters, and can only contain letters [a-z], numbers [0-9], dash, dot, underscore and plus [-._+].

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