Lose/Burn Belly Fat Fast: Exercise & Diet to Reduce Belly Fat

Tips to Lose Belly Fat with Proper Exercise & Proper Diet Plan

Slim waist line is a dream for everybody. If you are obese and have abdominal fat, you have to put sincere efforts to lose it. Belly fat can be estimated by measuring circumference around your waist. Some of the belly fat is normal. It provides cushioning to organs, but if in excess, you need to get rid of. For man more than 40 inches and for women and more than 35 inches is considered as abdominal obesity. You need to change your life style. With proper diet plan and right exercise, you can reduce your waist significantly. You have to be sincere to follow the plan. Abdominal fat can also cause other health problems. To lose weight, the most important thing is that you have to keep yourself active. To burn belly fat, you can take the following steps.


Burn Belly Fat

1. Exercise

Exercise is a must for reducing and maintaining your abdominal fat. You need to have 30 minutes of workouts at least 5 days a week. You have to include aerobics in exercise. You can go for a brisk walk, jogging, running, swimming or can use treadmill, rowing machine, exercise machines etc. It increases your metabolism. Aerobic exercise has been proven very effective in reducing belly fat. It also provides you other benefits such as reduces inflammation, maintains blood sugar level, removes metabolism abnormalities and keeps you healthy.

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2. Cut carbohydrates from your diet

You can lose weight faster by eating low carbs diet than low fat diet. You can reduce belly fat quickly by cutting on carbohydrate intake. It also reduces water weight as you feel less appetite. You just avoid eating white bread, pasta etc. You just need to reduce 50 grams of carbs per day. So for your energy need your body will start burning fat for fuel. It also provides other health benefits besides weight loss.

3. Eat more protein

Eating more protein offers many benefits. It reduces your craving for the food by 60% and you will eat up 400 to 500 less calorie a day. It also increases metabolism rate and so you will consume more calorie. Protein is very effective in weight loss and you can reduce desired weight. According to the study performed, it suggests that the amount and quality of protein consumed is inversely proportional to the fat. To increase your protein intake, you should include eggs, dairy products, white meat, fish, sea food etc. in your food. You can also take protein supplements such as whey protein. If you eat food cooked in coconut oil, it also proves very effective in reducing your belly fat.

4. Eat fiber rich food

Eating good amount of fiber, specifically viscous fiber helps you reducing weight. Fiber binds water and forms a thick gel. The fiber gel sits in the gut and slows down the movement of food through stomach and small bowl and gives you feeling of fullness for a long time that eventually reduces your appetite. According to the studies conducted, 14 gram of fiber intake a day reduces your calorie intake by 10%. More fiber intake improves on your metabolism. To include more fiber in your food, you should eat more vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals such as oats etc. Even you can take fiber supplement such as glucomannan.

5. Cut down sugar intake

Sugar added to any food is very unhealthy. Sugar contains half glucose and half fructose. When you eat much sugar, the liver gets excess amount of fructose as fructose can be metabolized by liver only. Excess amount of fructose to liver turns to fat. It results in access of liver fat as well as belly fat. It causes other health problems too as liver fat causes insulin resistance and other metabolism disorders. You must avoid sugar sweetened beverages as it is one of the main causes of obesity. You also have to cut down on refined sugar in your food.

6. Keep track of your daily intake

With the knowledge of what you should eat, you also should keep track of how much you are eating and exactly how much you need to eat. You shouldn’t overeat anything. For that you must have some basic knowledge of what the particular food contains and some idea of the calorie of the food. You can keep a chart with you that will help you find it out. You need to have adequate amount of all the nutrients, excess of anything or less of it can lead to other health problems.

If you sincerely want to reduce your belly fat, you follow the guidelines given above, draw a plan for you and stick to it. Take 6-7 hours sleep, remain stress free and enjoy perfect weight and health.