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Login Friendster for social networking and get lots of fun with gaming. The service of the site allowed users to communicate with other members, share online content and media, discover new events, brands, and hobbies. Friendster is a fun virtual gaming community intended for teenagers and adults. The website hosts a number of fun web based games, from puzzle games to adventure games and others.

Friendster re-positioned itself into a social gaming site in May 2011, discontinuing support for existing users’ social data; its new focus is on providing users with entertainment and fun. The site is available in multiple languages and is linked to the OLX classified ads page. The application allows users to connect with other real players and compete or play alongside their friends in online games.

The sites advantages are that it is completely free site, millions of users all around the world, increasing the chances that you can meet other interesting singles and ability to customize your profile as well as search the site’s groups and forums to find people who share your interests.

Friendster has includes a number of games and focuses on an older age group, making it appealing for anyone over the age of 16. Friendster is a fun entertainment resource for anyone who enjoys browser based games.

Friendster describes the site as “a community of interesting people locally and from all over the world, ready to share their experiences, interests, and friendship.” From the sign-up page to creating a profile, Friendster makes it easy to meet people. Friendster also has more than 250 different applications that you can add to your profile. Apps range from silly things like a chat room app to the useful ability to sync with your iTunes library.

You can join the Friendster community for free. There are no subscription fees or other charges required to maintain an account. You can join the site by entering their email address in the space provided on the homepage. User set up a wallet that gives them a place to manage and purchase additional chips. After setting up the wallet, the user is automatically given a one-time gift of 1,500 chips to use. The user can add chips whenever they like but are not required to purchase a specified amount to keep their account.

Friendster is an excellent social networking site. Login Friendster and Build a Friendster profile receive a one-time bonus for setting up your Friendster Wallet, add chips to your account as often as they like, access numerous browser based games and connect with other Friendster players.

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