Imperial College London Medicine Entry Requirements International Students

Overview: Imperial College London

In this article, we will explore the Imperial College London Medicine Entry Requirements for international students. Here are described the most important things which you should keep in your mind and do proceeding with this university.

Imperial’s Faculty of Medicine is one of the largest in Europe, with medical campuses across north and west London and partnerships with a wide range of NHS Trusts, hospitals, and clinics.

In response to several drivers for change, including updated GMC guidance, technological development in education and healthcare, the planned Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA), and expectations of medical practice within the NHS of the future, a review of the MBBS program has been undertaken and a new curriculum developed.

Imperial teaching is enriched by our internationally competitive research and clinical expertise, so you’ll be learning at the very cutting edge of the subject.

They deliver the course through a range of innovative and traditional teaching methods, including lectures, small group teaching, computer workshops, laboratory classes, and problem-based learning.

The emphasis of their new MBBS program is on the development of Professional Values and Behaviors, Professional skills, and Professional Knowledge, in line with the GMC’s most recently published Outcomes for Graduates (2018).

The redeveloped spiral curriculum is delivered in three phases and provides exciting opportunities for our students and staff including:

  • More opportunities for clinical skills training and patient experience.
  • A case-based learning approach to facilitate integration and translation of scientific knowledge to clinical care.
  • A structure to facilitate active, life-long learning, with each module building on the previous one, adding more depth and complexity.
  • A Programmatic Assessment strategy to enable you to build your knowledge throughout your studies.
  • A focus on the application of science and research skills in Phase 2, expanding upon early science exposure in Phase 1.
  • A redeveloped and enhanced tutoring program to support your progression with a focus on Study Skills.
  • Continued opportunities across Phase 3 for reflective learning, are to be recorded and reviewed by you and your tutor.

The new MBBS curriculum is aligned with the College’s Learning and Teaching Strategy, and our in-house developed bespoke Curriculum Map (Sofia).

This will enable you to study specific learning outcomes, mapped to your assessments.

Entry Requirements International Students

Every year university welcomes hundreds of international students to Imperial.

To help you settle into life in the UK they run a welcome program during the first few days and weeks.

You will have support year-round from the International Student Support team, who provide things like UK trips and visa advice.

Overall score of 5.75, with 6 in required relevant subjects *additional A levels or STEP papers may be required.

Scores of 85%-90% overall across all grade 12 subjects, including 85%-90% in at least five grade 12 subjects including required subjects.

If you are currently studying for an undergraduate degree, your current average mark should meet or exceed the grades specified below, in order to demonstrate that you are on course to meet our academic entry requirements.

If you receive an offer, you will need to provide confirmation that your final overall grade meets our requirements by the offer condition completion deadline.

While every effort has been made to ensure that this information is up-to-date, Imperial College Business School can accept no liability for any inaccuracies or alterations of which it may be unaware.

The Admission Process At Imperial College

Imperial College highly values the elements of the admission process where they can find out more about their candidates, in particular, the interview process.

There are important elements you have to complete to get through this.

  • Your UCAS application
  • The BMAT
  • Academic Requirements:

Be predicted the minimum entry requirements: A in Biology; A in Chemistry; A in a third subject.

For IB: 38 points overall, including 6 in Biology at a higher level; 6 in Chemistry at a higher level.

Most applicants, if successful at the interview, would be offered the typical offer conditions: A in Biology/Chemistry; A in Biology/Chemistry; A in a third subject.

For IB: 39 points overall, to include: grades 7 and 6 in Biology and Chemistry at a higher level – grades in any order.

Please note that the university also requires a grade B in English GCSE. If you have not sat an English GCSE and are undertaking English proficiency tests, you must achieve the College’s higher requirement.

If you do this and achieve the threshold for an interview, you will be asked to attend Multiple Mini Interviews.

These are interview stations used by medical schools to assess their shortlisted candidates. At Imperial, we believe that MMIs give fair and accurate results.

Rather than a simple panel interview where certain candidates might be stronger at answering standard questions, their stations help them better assess all the different skills that make a good healthcare professional, such as empathy and respect.

In conclusion, if you are an international student hoping to study medicine at Imperial College London, be aware of the high entry requirements.

In order to be accepted into the program, you will need to have excellent grades, demonstrate a passion for the subject, and be able to speak English fluently.

With hard work and dedication, you can achieve your dream of becoming a doctor. Read more articles on lookup.