Funda Huizen te Koop in Huizen Funda Huizen te Koop in Huizen It is an award-winning website and the main resource for people seeking a house in the Netherlands. Over 70% of the available housing supply in the Netherlands is displayed at the site. lists properties for sale, for rent, recreational homes, and new premises in the Netherlands as well as properties throughout Europe.
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The site currently has 11 million visits and 250 million page views per month. gets about 12 million page views a day and is, therefore, the largest and most intensively visited real estate site in the Netherlands. 81% of home sellers prefer for a house to advertise and 68% of home buyers purchased their home through it.

It is the platform where Dutch real estate professionals and users come together. Funda sets high demands on the real estate ads on the site. Searchers require reliable information.

That is accurate data (eg, the number of square meters of living space) and up-to-date information (the property is indeed still for sale). Fundamental aims are accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date information to offer.

Foundations have chosen only collaborations with brokers who are organized in a trade association that imposes strict quality on its members. It is not an advertising site for private housing on offer.

Anno 2011 works with the fundamental NVM, VGM Netherlands, VBO and Property VastgoedPRO. With these associations, foundations have clear agreements about the quality of the information regarding their members shown on Funda.

Visit – the leading company in the Netherlands in the field of real estate-related media and find your right destination. Funda brings together housing stock supplied by members of the Netherlands Association of Real Estate Brokers (NVM) and independently-sourced neighborhood information from publishing house Wegener NV.

This combination of real estate information from these two unique sources creates a powerful resource for home buyers and a highly attractive place to sell the property.

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