Fake Facebook Wall Creator Fake Facebook Wall Creator In today’s busy life people don’t have that much time for fun so that sometimes a person makes a fake facebook id. People basically have a lot more tricks to fun with their friends and this is one of that tricks. By making fake facebook id and fool our friends. The Wall machine is basically a nice and funny online tool; create a fake wall and making fool their friends. Go to page on

Facebook’s main use is to know about anyone in this world who has a facebook id and can talk with his/her. We make friends and talk with them. Over here we are saying something to our friends and we can also know about our friends.

By making Fake Facebook id people get a way to make fool their friends. Person can create something unacceptable, unbelievable, different Facebook wall status with the help of wall machine. When we look this fake wall then we cannot differentiate it that it is not an original wall. is specially designed for Facebook wall. If a person want to create fake wall then he/she first have to login in Facebook profile. Person can create their wall differently by adding celebrities in your friends list and they are chatting with you directly.

In it user can add various things like add wall name, sender name and pic, comments, time ago wall posted, time ago comment posted, and all according to your choice which provides more fun.

You can also enter fake friendship update and recent activity to make more fun also. When you complete the fake facebook then click on “save” button and also get URL for the wall.

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