Customized Class Rings Design and Patterns to Buy Online

Class Rings Design and Patterns

Graduating students from high schools, colleges and university loves to have class rings. There are numerous class rings design and patterns and comes in different range. The tradition of class ring started from 1833.

Class Rings Design and Patterns

What are the top names for class rings? Can I buy online?

Following given is the 9 sources where you can buy customized class rings online. The list includes companies that specialize in class rings, other jewellers and retailers who provide class rings.

1. Jostens

Jostens is the very popular name when it comes to buying class rings. You can see number of designs at that includes class rings for high school students, college students. You will also find military class rings, Boy Scout & Eagle Scout rings as well as championship team rings. Jostens also provides college / university jewellery such aspendants, watches etc.

2. Herff Jones

At, you can either design your own class ring or you can learn about the Herff Jones high school class ring program. Once having prepared designs, you can find your local Herff Jones representative at the website and go ahead with getting it sized and ordering it.

3. ArtCarved

You will get number of styles of class rings for girls and boys at You will also be informed about how to purchase it. ArtCarved also sells other college jewellery such as class pendants, necklaces, watches etc.

4. Balfour

You can find your school at and check out high school or college class rings available here. You will also find military class rings and team championship rings from Balfour.

5. Joy Jewelers

At, you will get class ring styles from ArtCarved and Gold Lance. You can select your ring and your high school. You provide some other necessary custom detail and then order the class ring online.

6. Zales

You will find more than styles of men’s and women’s class rings at You can personalize as per your requirement.

7. Walmart

Walmart has personalized jewellery section that has class ring too. At the official website of Walmart, you will find option for Class Rings for Men as well as Class Rings for Women. You can select one, specify detail and order it.

8. Dunham Manufacturing

You will find various girls and boys high school class ring styles at You can custom design it online and place immediate order. It will be processed very quickly.

9. Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewellers is a very famous jewellery store chain. It includes more than100 class rings for men and women. You will get to see designs and get more details at You can also place the order online.