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The site comes with the information about the various companies and the industries in which the investor can have their investment and the rate of return they can generate form the investment. The site comes with the special login for the regular user they are provided with the user name and the password.

The users are provided with the information such as the credit solution, marketing solutions, international solutions and the free company report. These are some of the reports that help the user to have the clear view of the place where they can have their investment. also comes with the online demonstration of the library of examples web recordings focusing on all areas of the credit safe product. The information about the three products are also displayed such as the standard, plus and the premier. The company has all around more than fifty thousands of the customers all round the globe.

They have the offices in some of the countries such as France, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland and the UK. At this point of time Creditsafeuk has the large amount of database about the credit repayment situation of the particular company. Under the credit solutions the company gets the information such as the company’s credit reports, consumers report, risk trackers and the image documents related to it.

The marketing section comes with the prospect data, email data and the data clearing. The international solutions are providing the information of the companies residing abroad. This particular facility provides the information to the investor about the credit situation of the companies residing outside.

The free companies report comes with the various types of financial reports that depict the credit worthy of the particular company. This particular facility provides the information about the companies of the UK according to the user’s choice.

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