Better Gym Login: Opening Times, Membership Fees, Free Pass and Cancellation

Better Gym Timetable, Membership Fees, Deals, Free Pass and Cancellation

Better Gym is operated by GLL which runs 258 Sports and Leisure facilities at several places in UK. GLL is committed to providing healthy life style and with a view to offer community an access to world class facilities, Better Gym in the Bath provides 120 workout stations which includes range of equipments. It also has adaptable Technogym Easyline circuit equipment which combines cardio and strength training together. Here we will discuss on Better Gym login, their opening times, membership fees, free pass and cancellation help. Better gym Cannock phone number is (+44 1543 728464).

Better Gym LoginBetter Gym Membership

Better Gym offers different types of memberships. A Better Health and Fitness all inclusive membership offers members an unlimited access to gym, swimming pools and fitness classes. There are several benefits of all-inclusive Health and Fitness membership. The benefits are:

  • Members are provided with personally tailored exercise programme.
  • Six-week refocus sessions provided to the members can keep them on the right track.
  • Every week one child is offered free two-hour crèche session.
  • 30% discount is provided on activities which are not included in membership.
  • The membership allows you to access Better Gym facility located at any of its gym located in UK.

How to join

It is simple to join as a member. Membership fee depends on the type of membership you take. You follow the steps given below on how to join:

  • Go to .
  • Locate your center on the map and click it.
  • Make necessary selection and then select type of membership you want to take. You can opt for monthly or annual membership. Click on ‘Continue’.
  • Provide your personal details and continue.
  • Make payment providing required payment details.

Better Gym Login

In order to book activities, course or lessons, members need to login to their account. It is simple to login. In order to have your login password, you must have registered your account at Follow the steps given below:

How to register an account

  • Go .
  • Click on the link ‘Login/Book Now’ displayed on top right of the home page.
  • Click on the link ‘Register’.
  • Enter your email address, create your password and confirm it. Then click on the ‘Register’ button.

How to login to your account

  • Go to .
  • Click on the link ‘Login/Book Now’.
  • Enter your email address and password. Then click on ‘Login’ button.

Better Gym Membership Cancellation

Annual Prepaid Members: If you are annual prepaid member, you will have to make request for cancellations at least one month before the expiry of membership. You can cancel your membership anytime, but no refund will be made for prepaid annual membership.

Monthly Prepaid Members: You can cancel your prepaid monthly membership by giving one month’s notice. You have to fill up and submit a cancellation form either online or at the centre in person.

Cancellations made before 14th of the month comes into effect the following month. In case of major changes in the facilities, membership can be cancelled without one month’s prior notice time. Membership also can be suspended if you are to stay out for some time.

Better Gym Membership Fees and Deals

Many times Better Gym offers rate prices on their membership plans. You also get several deals which can be discount on other activities at the Gym along with membership.

You can check Better Gym Cannock opening times at

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