Birmingham Airport Boots: Birmingham Airport Baby Milk Allowance

Birmingham Airport Boots: Birmingham Airport Baby Milk Allowance

Birmingham Airport Boots: Birmingham Airport is much concerned about passengers travelling with babies and cares that they are comfortable during the journey. They allow them to carry baby milk and baby food in hand luggage through Security. You just need to inform the security officer that you are carrying this. Here we will discuss how to order Boots Birmingham airport baby food when you travelling with babies.

Birmingham Airport Boots

Order Baby Milk and Other Essentials

You even don’t need to carry baby milk and other essentials for the baby with you through security. Birmingham airport offers a comprehensive baby food ordering service through its departure lounge shop Boots which is located at the departure lounge after security check-in.

It can be pre-ordered online and the things will be available and ready for collection there on time. Remember you must pre-order the things at least 5 days in advance.

Order Baby Milk and Other Essentials

How to Order Baby Supplies

You have to pre-order it online. They don’t take orders on phones. It is much simple and more convenient to order online. Following given are the steps on how to order baby supplies:

  • Go to
  • Add supplies you need to the shopping basket. You can add milk, food, nappies and more excluding any sharp objects. If you are travelling to the USA, you can’t carry any powdered milk due to TSA restrictions and so won’t be able to order it.
  • Once all the essentials are added to the basket, select ‘Checkout’.
  • While checking out, you will be asked to search a store. Enter ‘Birmingham Airport’ in the town name field. This will display the store listed as ‘Birmingham Airport Airside 195-198 Departure Lounge’. Select it. Provide other required details.
  • Make payment for your order. You can pay through a credit/debit card or PayPal.

Your order will be delivered to the Birmingham airport store within 5 days. There are no delivery charges. You will receive a text message on your mobile when your order is delivered. The airport store holds your orders for 14 days from the delivery date. And you can collect your order when you travel through the airport.

If you have any queries regarding ordering baby milk and other essentials, you can call at 0345 070 8090.

Are you travelling with a baby through Birmingham Airport and worried about baby milk and essentials? Don’t worry, you can order all the baby essentials online and collect them at the Boots at the airport departure lounge. Read more articles on lookup.

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