Avafx Forex Broker: Trading Platform and Software, AvaTrader, Avafx Broker Reviews

Avafx Forex Broker: Trading Platform and Software, AvaTrader, Avafx Broker Reviews

Avafx Forex Broker: AvaFX is dedicated to providing the FX traders an online forex trading platform, with no compromise on integrity and fairness. They are providing most valuable goods and services. There awards winning platform provides us fx market analysis, up to date forex calendar, technical analysis tools, online forex chart etc.
They also provide better instruments like oil, stock indices, s&p 500, ftse, cac, mtb, Nikkei & others, gold, silver, sugar, cotton, gas and other major commodity also. Their official website is www.avafx.com.

Avafx Forex Broker

Auto trading

1) Mirror trader
It provides various facilities like knowledge of experience trader, signal in real time, live signal and strategy, live chart, back up trading decisions and also provides auto mirror, semi mirror and manual trading also.

2) Zulu trade
It is a difference between valuable information and trade execution. It converts advice of professional and talented traders globally to execute trading rapidly and automatically. It is founded in 2006 and now it becomes one of the auto trade destinations worldwide.

3) API trading
API provides build library to build secure, automated trading into software system. In it we can get facility like trade request, stop loss take profit or loss on equity order, past trading, access control and historical market return. Retail customers can develop proprietary trading models and strategies.


1) Trading platform
It is basically multi faceted forex platform which provide traders individual taste and preference.
It provides opportunity to trade forex quickly, and better way by which price generate constantly. And its main page gives full feature advance for forex trading platform.

2) Meta trader 4
Meta trader 4 is allowing treading in forex market. That provides tools and instrument for market. It also creates trade transaction and out word trading program. It also provide all in one platform which is most popular in the world.

3) Mobile trading
This facility is now in your hand means there are various facility in mobile phones now a days through it we can use and by which trade instantly and effectively. It is available whenever there is a mobile coverage, it gives live price and we can also edit our current order also.

Practice account

It is basically for that when we only need experience of market without investing money. The opportunity for you to learn, or to enhance your trading skills is one simple registration away. We can say we get some experience in practice account first after analyze properly then we can invest in trading account.


Thus it provides various autos trading facility and for experience only it also provides practice account also.

Avafx Forex Broker review

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