My ASPCA Pet Insurance Login: Online Quote, Plans, Claim Form and Number

ASPCA Pet Insurance Login Account – Online Claim Form and Phone Number

If you have a pet, then you must be worried about the health and wellness of it. Here we will discuss on My ASPCA Pet Insurance Login, online quotes, plans, claim form and phone number. To secure health care needs of your pet, it is advisable that you take a health insurance from a reliable insurance provider. It offers various flexible plans with different coverage options at very competitive price.

ASPCA Pet Insurance Login AccountThey have different policies for dogs and cats and the standard pet insurance rangingform as low as $8 a month to $80 per month. How much you need to pay also depends on what breed of cat or dog you have as well as what you want to include in the coverage. For any treatment, 10% of veterinary charges you will have to pay even if the annual deductible has been met. Following given is the details about the insurance plans and features from ASPCA.

Important Features

Up to 90% coverage: Whenever your pet undergoes treatment form a veterinary, you will get back up to 90% on your veterinary bills.

30 day trial period: ASPCA offers you 30 days trial period means you can cancel the insurance within 30 days of the purchase.

Annual deductible: It means you have to pay the specified amount over an entire year before the insurance coverage takes over. There is no limit to the number of claims made.

Wellness coverage: ASPCA allows an optional coverage at an added premium to the basic plan. The wellness coverage can include preventative care such as vaccinations, blood screening, neutering, dental cleaning, heartworm and flea medication and lot more. You can include whatever you want to cover and it starts at $12 per month for up to $280 in benefits. For this wellness package, there is no deductible.

Coverage Details

You can take ASPCA pet insurance only if your pet is of the age less than 13 years. If you have taken insurance for your pet, you can get 90% reimbursed, you have to pay10% deductible. Depending on your policy, you can get up to $7,000 per claim. The insurance does not cover for pre-existing conditions. It is recommended that you get your pet through a full medical examination before you purchase a policy, so you can have a proof of health conditions of your pet. All the insurance plans don’t cover for hereditary conditions, if you want to cover for that, you have to state it when you purchase the policy.There are some incentives, by following which you can save money, such as if you insure for more than one pet, you will save 10%. You can also get additional discount up to 10% for you company’s employee as well as association member.

ASPCA Pet Insurance Plan Details

ASPCA pet insurance offers four different plans which are very flexible and you will definitely find a plan that meets the health requirement of your pet. All these plans provide 90% reimbursement for veterinary charges incurred and these plans are offered at three different deductibles options.

Level 1 plan is the cheapest of all the plans and provides you the least coverage. If you are on a tight budget, this plan is a good choice.

Level 2 plan is a standard plan and covers basic illness. It doesn’t cover behavioural problems of your pet.

Level 3 plan is also a standard plan, but it covers behavioural problems and other health conditions as well as includes wellness package.

Level 4 plan provides the highest level of protection and includes hereditary health conditions, behavioural health problems, wellness package and many more.

Wellness coverage options: Wellness coverage can be included in plan 3 and plan 4 only. There are two types of wellness packages offered, namely Routine Wellness package and the Advanced Wellness package. The routine wellness package provides some protection and covers heartworm and faecal screening, wellness exams, some of the vaccinations, spaying/neutering etc. The Advanced Wellness package offers more benefits and covers certain dental cleaning too. It does include certain vaccines which are not covered in routine package.

ASPCA Pet Insurance Online Quote and Online Purchase

ASPCA provides online quote tool. It is a very simple and user friendly tool. You just provides necessary details and a page will be displayed showing all the four levels of coverage with quote for each coverage. You can customize the quote with the deductible and co-pay you would like to go for. You can also select for billing frequency such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. You can select a plan that meets your requirement and purchase a plan online. It is very easy to buy insurance online; you just need to fill up an online form providing necessary details.

If you are planning to get an insurance plan for the healthcare need of your pet, you must consider ASPCA. You will definitely find a plan to suit your requirements.

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