Armagh Omniplex Cinema Prices, Listing Times and Cinema Number

Armagh Omniplex Cinema

Omniplex cinema is a chain of cinema in Ireland and Northern Ireland. It was set up way back in 1991 and runs about 25 cinemas with about 200 screens. Here we will discuss on Armagh Omniplex cinema prices, listing times and cinema number.

Armagh Omniplex cinema is located at 25-37 Market St. in Armagh County in Northern Ireland. It was started in 2009. The Armagh Omniplex cinema has 4 screens. The Omniplex is a great place with spacious viewing space and appeals filmgoers. It is a modern cinema which shows all the latest movie releases. It includes the 3D screen. There is a disabled seating arrangement available in all the screens. A nearby Café and other facilities are available too.

Armagh Omniplex Cinema Prices

The tickets are offered at the reasonable price of £4 per person. You can also avail certain deals and offer at times. Tickets can be booked online at tickets. If you sign up for your account MyOmniplex online at its website, you get 10% discount on booking; ticket booking is made easier through your user account. You also get exclusive offers.

You can also go to the cinema and buy a ticket from box office if available. There is also an automated purchase point and collection facility. The cinema opens half an hour earlier before the show time.

Armagh Omniplex Cinema listing times

Currently following movie shows are available:

Kingsman, The Golden Circle movie is an action packed adventurous comedy movie with 141 minutes runtime. Two shows are being run at 17:20 and 20:20.

IT is a horror drama having 135 minutes runtime. Show times are 17:00 and 20:00.

The maze is an adventurous drama of 92 minutes runtime. The show timings are 18:30 and 20:40.

American Assassin is an action thriller movie and has a runtime of 105 minutes. Two shows are available at 18:40 and 21:00.

Armagh Omniplex Cinema Number

If you have any query or want any information, you can call Armagh Multiplex cinema at 028 3752 2646.

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