’s New Battery Health Tool to Fix Slow iPhones

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Apple Releases New Battery Health Tool to fix slow iPhones

The slow iPhone issue was a major concern for Apple Inc. for quite some time wherein the US Department of Justice alongside the Securities and Exchange Commission led investigation and a series of lawsuits filed by customers had been creating ruckus since December 2017. Apple has previously admitted slowing down the old iPhone speed to save battery life. Towards the end of the March 2018, there was quite hype as the announcement on Apple is releasing a new battery tool to fix your slow iPhone making headlines.

The wait is now over as the new battery health tool is available in the Beta format on the newest iOS 11.3 version. The new tool is enhanced with the feature allows the iPhone users to de-throttle their battery performance as per choice. The customers using iPhone 6 or later need to update their devices for iOS 11.3 to get the Battery Health tool on their handset and access the functions as and when required.

How to install iOS 11.3 on Old iPhones

If you are using iPhone 6 or later, follow the steps below to get the iOS 11.3 update on your device:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ on your iPhone
  • Choose ‘General’ in the Settings menu
  • Tap on ‘Software Update on Your iPhone’ option

The software update should start automatically to install the newest iOS version on your system. If you are unable to get the software update, contact Apple Support for help.

What is Battery Health (Beta)?

Battery Health (Beta) is the newest tool from Apple available on the operating system 11.3 iOS version giving the user every bit of help and information related to the battery functionality in old iPhones. The tool performs the key role in resolving several battery related issues including:

  1. Get information on how well your battery is performing at the moment
  2. Enable or disable the power management feature on your iPhone (the feature slowing down the iPhone to save the battery life in old iPhones)
  3. It gives notification when you need a battery replacement
  4. Receive alerts when your iPhone requires a repair service

To turn off the power management feature on your device, visit the battery section in your iPhone Settings. In the Battery section, you will see the notification on the battery slow down information in the ‘Peak Performance Capability’ option. You will see the message informing you on the unexpected shut down due to low battery life with the ‘Disable’ feature. You can tap the ‘Disable’ option if you want the high-speed performance.

Note: If your iPhone battery reaches the lowest level, you may experience a random shut down. In such occurrences, the power management feature will be enabled automatically. You can turn off the feature once again after switching on your phone after charging.

Apple’s $29 Battery Fix

In December 2017, Apple introduced the $29 Battery replacement program for the iPhone users not covered by the AppleCare+. If you already have the AppleCare+ coverage for your device, you can get the service free of cost. The facility is available for iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and later models.

With the inclusion of the Battery Health tool, the users get a wider battery section with detailed information and solutions addressing various power issues. In case, iOS is unable to detect the actual cause of power problem in your device, you will get notification to visit the Apple Store or an authorized service center for repair.

The battery throttling can result on your iPhone due to battery performance issues as well as any other technical problem in your handset. If the new tool does not help, you may visit the Apple store for testing your device to fix the problem.

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