Activating New Citi Card – Activation for Overseas Use

How to Activate a New Citibank UK Card for Overseas Use

Citibank credit card UK activation for overseas use: issues different types of personal and business credit cards to suit everybody’s needs. The cards are offered with various rewards and benefits. It issues debit cards too. You can use your cards 24 hours a day 365 a year; the cards can be used internationally. Here we will check step by step guide on how to activate a new Citibank card?

Activating New Citi Card

Activate Citibank Credit/Debit Card

It is simple to get your card activated. You can activate Citi card online or through phone. It is much convenient and simple to get it activated online. Follow the steps given below on how to activate it online.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on ‘Activate a Card’ displayed on left of the home page.
  3. Enter your card number in the field displayed. Then click on ‘Continue’ button.
  4. Enter required information such as your credit/debit card number, name on the card, expiry date of your card, security code displayed on back of your card, last four digits of your social security code and birth date as instructed. Click on ‘Submit’ button.
  5. Once you have submitted, you will be sent One Time Password (OTP) via SMS at your registered number.
  6. You will have to enter the OTP within 5 minutes, otherwise it will be invalid. Confirm it. Your card will get activated immediately.

You can also get your card activated through phone. You just call at the number displayed on sticker on front of the card. If you don’t have the sticker, you can find it on the back of your card. Keep your card handy with you. You will have to provide your card number as well as your social security number. You will also be required to provide your telephone access code.

Manage Your Citibank Card Account Online

You can access and manage your Citibank card account online by logging into your account with your username and password. Once logged into your account, you can pay your bills, view statement, update your profile, view transaction history and much more. In order to have your login credential, you need to register your account.

How to Register your Citibank Card Account

It is simple and quick process to register your Citibank card account online and hardly takes few minutes. You must have activated your card in order to get it registered. Follow the steps given below on how to register your account.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘Register Now’ displayed on bottom left of the home page.
  3. Enter your card number in the field displayed. Click on ‘Verify & Continue’ button.
  4. Enter required information and create your used id and password. Set your security questions and confirm it to complete the process.

Get your Citibank card activated and enjoy the convenience and ease of the card worldwide!

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