Hyperoptic Coverage Map: Hyperoptic Broadband Review

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Hyperoptic Coverage Map: Hyperoptic Broadband Review

Hyperoptic Coverage Map: In the UK, as in many other countries, internet service providers refer to their service as fiber optic broadband services as fiber optics deliver high speed, but actually they refer to delivering their service through FTTC: Fiber to the cabinet.

It means the optical fiber runs up to the street cabinet which might be far from the house where the service is provided. From there, hybrid fiber-coaxial or coaxial cable runs to the house. It reduces the speed of broadband internet.

Hyperoptic Coverage MapMost of the internet service providers are not rolling out to the FTTB or FTTH because they have already invested billions on networks with twisted pair cable access and it is not cost-effective to replace the entire network. Again, though fiber optics offers ultra speed, installing a fiber optics network itself is quite costly. Then they find a middle way and adapt to a hybrid network.

BT, SKY, VIRGIN, TalkTalk, and many others advertise their service as fiber optics network providers, but they follow FTTC, whereas Hyperoptic follows FTTB: Fibre to the basement. The fiber optics runs up to the basement of the building and then they run a standard Ethernet cable to the flat/unit/home etc.

It is not a pure fiber optic connection that offers close to 1Gbps speed in real terms. Hypertonic is also making FTTH: Fibre to the home connection. It offers full-duplex and unmetered 1Gbps upload and download as claimed by them.

Hyperoptic is the only provider in the UK that offers 1Gbps speed. They have various plans to offer and you can choose the one that suits your need. The plans are available at a very affordable price. You can download 4K content in minutes and HD movies in seconds. You can enjoy live streaming without any dropout.

Network Topology followed by Hyperoptic

Hyperoptic doesn’t run much of the network itself. It runs a data center in London and established a hub, but it has leased most of the network from Openreach. Backhaul, peering, and transit services are provided by other partners.

Each building is connected to the internet using 1Gbps leased lines. At either end of the line, speed is increased by installing new hardware or leasing another 1Gbps line. The network gear consists of big core routers at the data centers and at building entry points and then a ZTE router in each connecting unit.

Currently, it has installed 100,000 units and has a plan to make it 500,000 by 2018. Read more articles on lookup.

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