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Argos is the UK’s leading digital retailer. Here we will discuss on how to apply for Argos card and steps to Register. Uses of consumer goods are rising with time. As people have started to change their life style, all these consumer products sell is increasing. To meet up the higher demand of consumer goods number of companies giving tough competition each other in this market. Obviously, consumer will go with the company whose products are best quality wise as well as offers attractive prices. As today’s consumer is smart buyer, he/she will not attract with only discounted prices of products, they need something more too. As a consumer, they want something that helps to save more in comparison to other company’s products. About the retailer we are going to discuss here today is able to meet your “something”. Name of this retailer is Argos. Let’s take a brief introduction of here below.

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About Argos

Argos is a very well known name in the industry of consumer goods in United Kingdom. Not only online but Argos do business through more than 750 stores too. More than 130 million customers are served by them every year through its network of 750 stores. This British catalogue retailer offers more than 33,000 products through online website, rising mobile channels, stores, over the telephone and exclusively through Argos TV. Argos is operating in United Kingdom and Ireland. Founded by Richard Tompkins in year 1972 is currently operating as a subsidiary of Home Retail Group.

If you will visit Argos store or website then you can see there are numbers of brands products available with them. It is the registered owner of a number of brands products including: Challenge, Pro Action, Visiq, Cookworks, Beanstalk, Pro Fitness, Opticom, Grosvenor, Steamworks, Aquarius, Coolworks, Elevation, Acoustic Solutions and Mega Games. Along with all these brands, Argos also owns electronic brands including Alba and Bush, Chad Valley, the now defunct Elizabeth Duke (jewellery and watches) and more.

Every year twice, Argos publishes catalogues in January and July respectively. These catalogues contains photographs of items/ products, brief description about it, price and catalogue number.

Well, we all know that to attract more and more consumers and to rise sell of products, retailers timely announce discount offers, sales, coupons and promotional codes, right? However this trick works sometime, but it is for limited time of period only. But how if consumer can able to get long time saving offer then? Yes, with Argos card it is possible. Let’s check what this Argos card is exactly and how it works?

About Argos Card

We all are aware of how credit card system works, right? But if we say that Argos Card allows you to buy now and pay later then? Yes, you read the right statement. They offer its consumers to enjoy the convenience of buying now and paying later through Argos card. There are number of benefits you can enjoy using Argos card. It is very easy and simple to apply for Argos card. You can apply for an Argos Card online or via telephone or apply in your local store. And now they allow users to apply even through the Argos app on your mobile devices. Just provide some general information and once can easily and quickly apply for Argos card.

Once you have applied successfully, Argos will send you your Argos card quickly as possible. After that you can easily manage your Argos account online using MyArgosCard service. However you need to Log in first your Argos card. For that go to and enter your log in details there, for more idea take a look at below snapshot of the login page of my Argos card.

All you need to enter your Log in Id and Surname and press on “Next” button. Well, if you wish then you can select “remember my login ID” option, but it is recommended I you are using sharing or public computer then don’t select this option. Also there is a link “Forgotten your Login ID?” to help you in case if you forgot or lost your Login Id then.

So, how easy is to apply as well as login Argos card! Now let’s check some of the buy now and pay later plans offered by Argos card.

Argos Card buy now pay later schemes

Argos Card buy now pay later schemes

It doesn’t matter what you are buying. With the Argos Card you can have more time to pay. You can see below that the more you spend the longer time you’ll have to pay with up to 12 months on selected items.

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